How to Import MBOX to Yandex.Mail- [Query Solved]

Introduction: Do you want a reliable solution to migrate MBOX emails to Yandex Mail account with all attachments? If yes, then this is the right blog for you where we will show you the step-by-step solution to import MBOX to Yandex.Mail. And for this, you need to download the best MBOX Migrator tool on your Windows system.

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MBOX files are mailbox files used by a variety of email clients, including Mozilla Thunderbird, Apple Mail, and Eudora. These files store email messages in a single file, which can be useful for backing up email data or for transferring email messages between different email clients. MBOX files typically have a “.mbox” file extension.

Yandex Mail is a free, web-based email service from Yandex, the largest search engine in Russia. It offers users a variety of features and functionalities not found in other popular email services. It includes everything from spam filtering and bulk email management to contact synchronization and address book integration.

What is the need of Migrating Emails from One Format to Other?

Migration of emails is often required when an organization changes its email system. Organizations might switch to a new email system for a number of reasons, such as improving scalability, increasing storage capacity, or integrating with other applications. Email migration can be a complex and time-consuming process, so it’s important to plan ahead and understand all the steps involved.

Reason to Import MBOX to Yandex.Mail

Yandex Mail is a free, web-based email service with support for POP3 and IMAP protocols. It offers a variety of features to its users, including:

  • A user-friendly interface: Yandex has a clean, modern interface that is easy to use.
  • Mail filtering: Yandex Mail offers powerful mail filtering options that let you sort your messages into different folders. This can be very helpful if you receive a lot of email.
  • Spam protection: It has powerful spam protection features that help you keep your inbox clean.
  • Virus protection: Yandex also offers virus protection to help keep your computer safe.
  • Calendar: It offers a built-in calendar that lets you keep track of your important dates and events.

Migrate MBOX File to Yandex Mail using Automated Tool

Migration of MBOX to Yandex is a challenging task, and it can be very difficult without the help of a third-party utility. It’s recommended that users utilize Yota MBOX Migrator tool to import MBOX to Yandex.Mail with all . The best thing about this tool is that it comes with free of cost demo version that allows users to test its functionality before making any investment. This software is capable to import MBOX to Gmail, MBOX to iCloud, MBOX to Office 365, MBOX to Outlook.com, MBOX to Yahoo and all web-based email services.

The software also offers advanced filter settings if you want selective migration from MBOX to Yandex mailbox. It preserves email formatting, meta elements and internal structure of MBOX files. This email migration tool has the capability to export bulk email from MBOX to Yandex Mail account with multiple file naming options.

Stepwise Solution to Import MBOX to Yandex.Mail are as follows:

Step 1. Download and Install Yota MBOX to IMAP Migration Tool on your PC.

Step 2. Next, go to Open tab and select Email Data Files>> MBOX Files. Add the files into the panel.

Step 3. Here, you can preview the files with all emails. Also, apply filters for specific email migrations.

Step 4. Click on Export tool and choose IMAP option to transfer emails from MBOX to Yandex Mail.

Step 5. After that, enter the login details of Yandex account and hit the Save button to finalize the process.

Beneficial Characteristics of MBOX to Yandex Import Tool

Keep Email Structure Intact: MBOX Migrator uses advanced security measures to ensure that no valuable information is lost in the transfer. Not only will your data be transferred in its original form, but it will also be transferred in the same exact format and structure as it was when you originally stored it on your device.

Migrate Selective Items: Do you want to transfer all your items from Inbox, Sent, Spam, Trash, and other folders and labels! Then MBOX File Converter is the right app for you! This utility provides advanced filter options to import items on the basis of Date, Subject, email addresses (to, from), etc. You can also choose whether you want to import only the required email items into your Yandex Mail.

Bulk Conversion: MBOX Migrator is the perfect solution for migrating your email data to another platform. Not only does it export single file, but it also enables you to download the entire mailbox data in one go, so that you don’t have to make any extra efforts to import MBOX to Yandex.Mail in batch mode.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I preview the emails before importing them to Yandex Mail?

Yes, this MBOX to Yandex Migration tool allows you to preview the emails before importing them to Yandex Mail. This can be helpful to ensure that the emails have been moved correctly and to identify any emails that you may not want to import.

Are there any risks to using a professional MBOX to Yandex Import tool?

No. if you are using the above suggested tool and follow all the steps, then there is no risk while exporting your files to different folder. It is important to choose a reputable and reliable tool, and to ensure that you have a backup of your MBOX file.


This article discusses the detailed solution to import MBOX to Yandex.Mail with all emails, contacts, attachments, and other mailbox items. If you want to try manual ways to transfer emails into Yandex account, you can do that also. But you might lose your data as its not accurate and trustworthy method for migrating emails. The above recommended software is highly reliable and accurate tool that doesn’t required any other installations. This MBOX to Yandex Migration tool allows you to bulk migrate the emails within few seconds.

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To know whether this solution works for you, we recommend you download a test run first before buying the tool. The free version lets you import first 10 files from your desktop to your desired email account.