MBOX Attachment Extractor

Providing the most reliable MBOX Attachment Extractor to all small and large enterprises. The comprehensive tool is most liked by users and it's user interface is designed for even least tech-savvy users to extract attachments from MBOX.

  • Extract MBOX attachment files in bulk
  • No data loss occurs during extraction process
  • Attachment files will remain intact after extraction process
  • Freedom to choose destination path
  • Offers multiple naming options
extract attachments from mbox
Reliable Software

MBOX Attachment Extractor Tool for Windows

MBOX Attachment Extractor offers a solution to extract attachments from MBOX without any supporting applications. The tool provides the best performance in every migration. It is available for free and extract some attachments from MBOX emails. Once fully satisfied, users can obtain a license key to transfer attachments from large MBOX files directly to your system.

  • Ensures 100% accuracy with no data loss
  • Software interface is so easy to use
  • Compatible with all Windows Operating System

MBOX Attachment Extractor, the highest rated on top review hubs.

Amamzing Features of MBOX Attachment Extractor

Export Attachments from MBOX emails

MBOX Attachment Extractor is a powerful tool that allows you to extract attachments from MBOX emails completely. If you want to extract multiple attachments from MBOX emails with 100% accuracy and you want the fast extraction process then this is the best MBOX Attachment Extraction tool available in the internet. It is completely automatic software that can load the files even if you don't know the exact location of the file.

Extract MBOX Attachment of different types

MBOX Attachment Extractor tool allows you to transfer your attachment files of many different formats. You can extract all types of attachments having various formats such as documents, audios, videos, etc. as well as , JPEG, TXT, JPG, DOC, DOCX and more. You will not face any issue while saving attachments to your folder using this MBOX Attachment Extraction tool as it can easily extract attachments from MBOX mailbox.

Single and Batch Extraction

This tool offers the facility to the users to choose whether they want to extract single attachment or multiple attachments simultaneously. Now you can extract multiple MBOX attachment files of various formats with the Batch Convert feature. To access these options, try this best MBOX Attachment Extractor software. You can easily select the files that you want to extract from the mailbox.

Preview option is Available

With MBOX Attachment Extractor, you can have the detailed information and a view of the attachment files that you have selected for the extraction process using the preview option. It can effectively scans the whole MBOX mail items that each item with it's content can be visible on the software panel. Be it documents, audios or PPT, you can easily view and select the files that you need to extract.

Choose Destination Path Accordingly

You can save the extracted attachment files at your own preferred location. After extraction process is completed then user have to save the resultant files. This MBOX Attachment Extractor gives you freedom to save the file where you want to save them. It asks to choose the destination path so that users can save their extracted data by selecting the location according to the choice. You can even store the files in external storage devices.

Keeps all Components Intact

When you extract attachments from MBOX emails using MBOX Attachment Extractor tool, it keeps the all the elements of the attachments and its formatting intact. You can easily extract attachments from MBOX emails without manipulating the original data with 100% accurate results. If your file contains UNICODE texts then also it is capable of transferring that content also without any data loss.

Simple Interface

By using this MBOX Attachment Extraction utility, user can completely extract attachments from MBOX files as safe and secure way. It is designed with advanced algorithm that it is easy to use tool, especially for non skilled users as simple and self-explanatory interface which does not require any expertise knowledge or guidance to extract attachments from MBOX emails.

Free Demo Available

The tool comes with a free demo version that allows users to extract 5 attachments from MBOX files so that you can easily evaluate it before purchasing the license key of the tool. If you want to remove limitations then you can buy the paid version of this MBOX Attachment Extractor to get the unlimited benefits from the tool and then you will be able to extract attachments from MBOX files.

Software Walkthrough

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Steps to Extract attachments from MBOX Files are:

Step 1. Click the Open button and then select Choose Folder in MBOX Files.

mbox attachment extractor

Step 2. Browse and add Folder having MBOX Files.

extract attachments from mbox

Step 3. Click the Extract button and then select 'Attachment' option and save files.

mbox attachment extractor tool

You're in good hands

Oshin Uganda

We love the MBOX Attachment Extractor app and the ease of use. It has been great tool if you want to extract attachments from MBOX emails. It also supports all types of attachment files. The installation process is great - you'll feel very welcomed. Their customer support is excellent and they do a great job while solving your problems related to software.

Kenn B. Cuba

I am using MBOX Attachment Extractor tool since two weeks. They have created a super easy-to-use interface that makes the software easy to handle. Simple and easy process for extracting attachments from MBOX files. Really loved the product...

Philips France

MBOX Attachment Extractor is well developed and flexible tool to fulfil our needs. It has various advanced features that we are able to utilize, and smoothen up the extraction process, such as auto filtering option, selective extraction and dedicated team to solve the issues.

Technical Specifications

System Requirement

System Requirements


Pentium Processors

Operating System

Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista & XP


2 GB minimum (4 GB recommended)

Hard Disk

250 MB free space

About Product



Single User


Professional, Premium, Technician, Toolkit

Language Supported

English, German, French, Italian, Spanish

Release Date

January, 2020


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*Free MBOX Attachment Extract to extract unlimited MBOX Attachments.


How to extract attachments from MBOX Files?

Steps to extract attachment from MBOX Files are as follows:

  • Step 1. Download and Install MBOX Attachment Extractor on your system.
  • Step 2. Click on Open, select MBOX Files, and then select the Choose Folders/Files.
  • Step 3. Choose the folder, click the Extract button, and select the Attachments.
  • Step 4. Choose the destination folder to save the file.
  • Step 5. Click on Save to complete the process.

This is how you can easily extract attachments from MBOX Files.

I have large sized MBOX Files. Will your software be able to extract attachments from the files?

Yes, this MBOX Attachment Extraction Tool is capable enough to extract attachments from large sized MBOX files. No matter what is the size of the file.

I want to know if this software is capable to migrate attachments from specific email file?

Yes you can surely migrate attachment files from specific email by using the advanced filter options.

What’s included with a free Demo version of MBOX Attachment Extractor?

The free demo version has all the features as in pro version. But you can extract attachments from 10 files only. Other wise you can download MBOX Attachment Extractor for free in trial edition.