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MBOX Attachment Extractor

Most reliable tool for all businesses large and small to extract attachments from MBOX file

  • No data loss during MBOX attachment extraction in bulk
  • Simplified panel and user-firendly graphical interface
  • Option to choose the destination path to save the data
  • Advanced filter options to extract selective attachment files
  • Pause and Resume feature to control the extraction process
  • Free MBOX Attachment Extractor available to check the performance
*Demo Version of MBOX Attachment Extractor extracts attachments from MBOX file within limit of 25 emails.

Why choose Yota MBOX Attachment Extractor?

MBOX attachment extractor wizard provides a solution to extract attachments from MBOX without any supporting applications. This tool offers the best performance in any migration. It is available with free demo version and can extract some attachments from MBOX emails. If you are completely satisfied, you can obtain a license key to transfer the attachment of the large MBOX file directly to your system.

Advanced Features of MBOX Attachment Extraction tool

Let's look at some highlighted features of this powerful tool.

extract attachments from mbox

Extract Attachments from MBOX

MBOX Attachment Extractor is a powerful tool that allows you to extract attachments completely from MBOX emails. If you want to extract multiple attachments from MBOX emails with 100% accuracy and fast extraction process then this is the best MBOX attachment extraction tool on the internet. It is a fully automated software that can load files even if you don't know the exact location of the files.

preserve data

Preserve Meta Properties of Emails

The MBOX File Attachment Extractor saves all the attachments of the MBOX file in the following way, so that, all the meta attributes and elements of the email (for example, subject, CC, recipient/sender, etc.) remain unchanged. MBOX Attachment Downloader can maintain the hierarchy of folders during and after the extraction process. In this way, the user can access the email easily even after the extraction process.

extract all type attachments

Extract different types of MBOX attachments

MBOX Attachment Extractor Wizard allows you to transfer attachment files in many different formats. You can extract all kinds of attachments in various formats such as documents, audio, video, etc., as well as JPEG, TXT, JPG, DOC, DOCX, etc. You will not have any problems using this MBOX extraction tool to extract attachments in a folder as it can easily extract attachments from MBOX mailboxes.

batch attachment extraction

Single and Batch extraction

With this tool, users can choose whether to extract a single attachment or multiple attachments at the same time. Now you can use the "Batch Convert" function to extract multiple MBOX attachment files in different formats. To access these options, try the best MBOX attachment extraction software. You can easily select the files you want to extract from the mailbox.

create folder

Choose the target path accordingly

You can save the extracted attachment file to the location of your choice. After the extraction process is completed, the user must save the generated file. MBOX attachment extractor allows you to freely save files in the location you want to save. It requires the selection of the target path so that the user can save the extracted data based on the selected location. You can even save files to external storage devices.

download free mbox attachment extractor

Provide free demo

The tool comes with a free demo version that allows users to extract 5 attachments from the MBOX file so that you can easily evaluate them before purchasing the license key for the tool. If you want to remove the limitation, you can buy the paid version of this MBOX attachment extractor to get unlimited benefits of the tool, then you can extract attachments from MBOX file.

How is It All Done?

Before starting the backup process, make sure you have downloaded the tool from the given link. Follow the below steps to extract multiple MBOX attachments at once:

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Common Questions Asked by User

How to extract attachments from MBOX Files?

Steps to extract MBOX file attachments are as follows:

  • Step 1. Download and Install MBOX Attachment Extractor on your system.
  • Step 2. Click Open >> Email Data Files >> MBOX Files >> Choose Files.
  • Step 3. Click on Extract button and select Attachments.
  • Step 4. Choose the destination folder to save the file.
  • Step 5. Click on Save to complete the process.

This is how you can easily extract attachments from MBOX Files.

I have large sized MBOX Files. Will your software be able to extract attachments from the files?
Yes, this MBOX Attachment Extraction Tool is capable enough to extract attachments from large sized MBOX files. No matter what is the size of the file.
I want to know if this software is capable to migrate attachments from specific email file?
Yes you can surely migrate attachment files from specific email by using the advanced filter options.
What’s included with a free Demo version of MBOX Attachment Extractor?
The free demo version has all the features as in pro version. But you can extract attachments from 10 files only. Other wise you can download MBOX Attachment Extractor for free in trial edition.