yota thunderbird attachment extractor

Thunderbird Attachment Extractor

All in one software to extract attachments from Thunderbird. Best tool to transfer attachments in bulk from Thunderbird.

  • Export multiple attachments from Thunderbird in single click
  • Auto Detect default configured Thunderbird's profile
  • Offers dual options to fetch single or multiple files
  • Advanced preview option allows you to view the emails
  • No File Size Limitation for Extracting Attachments
  • Supports Windows 11, 10, 8 and other earlier versions
*Download Trial Version of Thunderbird Attachment Extractor and export 10 items per folder for free

Why Choose Yota Thunderbird Attachment Extractor?

Now you can easily extract attachments from Thunderbird file with this easy-to-use and powerful Thunderbird Attachment Extractor program. The tool is so simple and intuitive that a person with almost no technical skills, can easily operate the program and extract attachments from Thunderbird smoothly. The software is highly advanced and does not interfere with the content of your document. So you can be assured that your data will not be lost at any cost. This software is 100% reliable, ad-free, and trustworthy, as it can upload your Thunderbird emails having attachments without facing any restrictions.

Advanced Processing

Yota Thunderbird Attachment Downloader can extract attachments from Inbox, Outbox, Sent Items, Drafts and other customized folders. It is one of the fastest tool available in the market because of its advanced technical interface that can extract attachments from bulk of files with just few simple clicks.

Zero-Loss Technology

Thunderbird Attachment Extractor also takes security of your data seriously. We don’t want your data to fall into dangerous hands and so we implemented safety measures such as multi-factor authentication, as well as keeping all of your information safe and secure within our interface.

No Third Party Involved

The easiest way to download all Thunderbird attachments is through the simplest tool. You won't need any type of third-party application. It provides an easy user experience regardless of if you're aware of technical knowledge or not, so it can help you save the files at your location within few couple of minutes.

Advanced Features of Thunderbird Attachment Extraction tool

Let's look at some highlighted features of this powerful software.

extract attachments from thunderbird

Extract attachments from Thunderbird

Yota Thunderbird Attachment Extractor provides the best solution to extract attachments from Thunderbird account with accurate results. With this tool all you need to do is launch the software and then scan the folder or file that you want to extract attachments from. It will take a couple of minutes and then it will automatically export all attachments from your files.

selective extraction

Selective Extraction Option

If you don't want to extract the attachment files from the entire Thunderbird folder then you can do the same using this tool. You can select and unselect the files in the software panel from the list of the Thunderbird files that you want to be extracted. This option is used if you want to avoid some files and want to export files from some selected Thunderbird files only. Use Thunderbird Attachment Extractor if you want to extract selective attachments.

batch extraction

Batch Extraction for Easy Transfer

Using this tool, you can extract Thunderbird Attachment files in bulk with few clicks. If you have lots of folders having multiple files in them then Thunderbird Attachment Extractor allows you to export attachments from those files in the batch that will gonna save lots of time. This application quickly extracts attachments from multiple folders having Thunderbird files and save them in a separate folder with precise details.

simple interface

Clean and Simple Interface

Yota Thunderbird Attachment Extraction tool has been programmed with an advanced coding that it has many unique features. Yet it is so simple to use the application. You don't require any experience at all to extract attachments from Thunderbird. You can start extracting attachments from Thunderbird messages right away. The tool itself is so easy to install that will require only few steps. Also, you have to follow some basic steps to extract Thunderbird attachments from emails.

data retains

Keep the Data Integrity Intact

This is an ultimate software allowing you to preserve your original data, layout, and formatting during and after the extraction. It can extract attachments from Thunderbird emails without changing the originality of mailbox data. Also, Thunderbird Attachment Extractor ensures that the attributes of the attachments like size, content, and other meta properties will remain the same and there will be no modification in the resultant files.

More Features of Thunderbird Attachment Extractor

Preview before Extraction

The attachment extractor is an intelligent tool that gives you the preview option before extracting the attachments from any account. You can use it to analyze the files and find out which files are attached in your mail account, which will also give you the option to open them and see what they contain.

Select Desired Location

Thunderbird Attachment Downloader is a user-friendly software which is designed in such a way that has different options for users so it can be tailored according to their preference and needs. It provides an option to select the desired path or to create a new one for this purpose.

No File Size Limitations

Extracting attachments from large sized mailboxes is difficult. Thunderbird Attachment Extractor can extract all the attachment files without compromising or modifying their attributes and structure. You can upload as many as files you want without worrying about the folder size.

Support Multiple File types

It is capable of extracting all types of attachments like Excel sheets, PDF file, Audio files and many other documents. It also supports different formats including DOC, DOCX, JPEG, PPT, MP4, PDF, PNG, etc. Thunderbird Attachment Extractor is one of the most powerful tools, you should give a try.

Try for Free

Free Thunderbird Attachment Extractor tool gives permission to the users to extract 10 attachments from Thunderbird mailbox at once. This is the only limitation in the trial version otherwise all the features are same as in the paid version. You can check the efficiency of the product via demo version.

Maintain Folder Structure or Not

The tool provides option to keep the folder structure or omit folder structure. With this feature, users can customize their resultant data as per requirement. If you don't want to maintain the folder hierarchy you just have to enable the Omit Folder Structure, otherwise your data will be intact.

Date-range Filters

This Thunderbird Attachment Downloader has in-built filter options with various options. One of the most popular filter is Date range using which users can easily extract attachments from emails that falls in that particular time span. You just have to enter the Start and End dates in the respective field.

Windows Supportive

This software is an outstanding tool and works with all versions of Microsoft Windows Operating System including latest Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8.1, and Windows 8, etc. It is designed to suite Windows Server 2019, Server 2016, Server 2012, Server 2008 Editions.

How to Extract Attachments from Thunderbird?

Before starting the backup process, make sure you have downloaded the tool from the given link. Follow the below steps to extract multiple Thunderbird attachments at once:

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Common Questions Asked by User

How to extract attachments from Thunderbird Files?

Steps to extract Thunderbird attachments are as follows:

  • Step 1. Download and Install Thunderbird Attachment Extractor on your system.
  • Step 2. Click on Open >> Desktop Email Clients >> Thunderbird Accounts >> Open Thunderbird Profile.
  • Step 3. Click Extract button and select Attachments.
  • Step 4. Select destination folder to save the file.
  • Step 5. Click on Save to begin the process.

This is how you can easily extract attachments from Thunderbird Files.

Can I save my extracted attachment files in pen drive?
Yes, this tool allows you to save the resultant files at your desired location including pen drive and other storage media.
Is this software capable in extracting attachments from corrupted files?
No you cannot attachments from Outlook that are corrupted. Thunderbird Attachment Extractor can extract attachments from healthy files only.
Can I save videos attachment in my desktop using this tool?
Yes, this tool can extract attachments from Thunderbird of all types including videos and audios.
Do I need to install any other application to download all Thunderbird attachments?
No, this tool is designed with advanced algorithm that does not require any other tool or software to extract multiple attachments from Thunderbird folder.