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How to Add IONOS Email to Gmail Account?

As a business professional or individual, you may find yourself needing to import emails from one account to another. If you use IONOS for your email service and want to switch to Gmail, you might be wondering how to add IONOS email to Gmail account. In this blog post, we’ll provide a step-by-step guide to get the desired results without any error. With our expert tips and professional tool called Yota Email Migrator for Windows PC, you can transfer emails from 1&1 Mail to Gmail mailbox very conveniently. So let’s get started!

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Why Users want to Import 1&1 Email to Gmail Account?

  • Gmail offers a wide range of advanced features, such as powerful search capabilities, spam filters, label organization, and seamless integration with other Google services like Google Drive and Google Calendar.
  • Also, it provides 15 GB storage space that allows you to save a large number of emails and attachments without worrying about running out of space.
  • Gmail can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection and you can easily access the emails wherever you go.

How to Add IONOS Email to Gmail Account in 5 Easy Steps?

  1. Download and Install Yota IMAP Migration tool on your PC.
  2. Click Open>> Email Accounts>> Add Account.
  3. Provide the correct login credentials of IONOS account.
  4. Click the Export tab and select Gmail directly.
  5. Enter the Gmail login details and hit the Save button.

Direct Solution to Transfer Emails from IONOS to Gmail

We recommend you to use Yota 1&1 Email Backup wizard for seamless and error-free migration. This reliable solution offers advanced features and functionality that makes it the best choice among the professionals. With its smooth and efficient performance, you can import IONOS email to Gmail account.

This software has been designed with top-notch algorithms to ensure hassle-free migration from 1&1 webmail to Gmail mailbox. Yota IONOS to Gmail Migration tool offers an easy-to-use interface and a comprehensive set of features. Whether you want to migrate single email or entire folder, this tool has the capability to cater all the need of users. You can utilize this tool to import 1&1 email to Office 365 and other cloud server also.

This software works flawlessly to save email backup and is the smart way to add IONOS email to Gmail account along with other details. It does not impose any limitation while migrating emails from 1&1 webmail to Gmail or G Suite account. You can transfer unlimited emails from IONOS account to your desired location. To understand complete working steps of the solution, follow the below steps.

Complete Detailed Steps to Migrate Emails from 1&1 to Gmail with Screenshots:

  • Download and install the Yota IONOS Migration tool using the below button. Launch the application on your computer.
  • Click on Open tab and select Email Accounts option from drop-down menu. After that choose Add Account option from there.
  • Fill the login details of IONOS email account with correct credentials, It will configure your account with the panel.
  • After that, tool will upload all the emails associated with your account into the software panel. You can preview them with all attachments. You can also select or deselect the required files as per your need.
  • Next, go to the Export tab and select Gmail as your target location to add IONOS email to Gmail mailbox.
  • Select the desired migration settings, such as maintaining folder hierarchy and migrating contacts and calendars. You can also apply filter options to export the emails selectively.filter emails
  • Lastly, enter the login details of Gmail account and hit the Save button to transfer 1&1 email to Gmail.

Features of Yota IONOS to Gmail Migration Tool

  • Fast and Efficient Process: With its advanced algorithms and optimized processes, this IMAP to Gmail Migration tool streamlines the process to transfer IONOS emails to Gmail with remarkable speed and accuracy. This ensures that you can seamlessly move to Gmail without any disruptions. And it can save your time and efforts significantly that would otherwise be spent on manual methods.
  • Preserve Meta Properties: Yota IONOS to Gmail Migration Tool is capable in preserving metadata of emails throughout the process. It ensures that crucial information such as sender and recipient details, timestamps, subject lines, and more are accurately transferred to your Gmail account. The tool ensures that your migrated emails retain their original folder structure and hierarchy during 1&1 to Gmail migration process.
  • Quick Preview of Emails: Additionally, it offers a valuable feature that allows you to preview your emails before initiating the migration process. With this email conversion tool, you can conveniently review the content of your emails, check their accuracy and relevance before transferring them to your Gmail account. It also gives you the opportunity to make any necessary adjustments or selections and offers you overall control.


Importing your IONOS email to Gmail can be a game changer for managing your emails effectively. With just a few simple steps, you can easily access and manage all your emails from one platform. So, if you’re considering migrating your emails from IONOS to Gmail, give the Yota Email Migration tool a try.

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By following the guidelines provided in this blog, you can seamlessly add IONOS email to Gmail mailbox and take advantage of the powerful features of Gmail. If you’re ready to simplify your inbox, follow these steps today transfer emails from one account to other.