Convert eM Client to Outlook Professionally- Best Solution

  • What is the best method to convert eM Client to Outlook? 
  • How to import contacts from eM Client to PST instantly? 
  • Can I export emails from eM Client to PST? 

These are the queries we encounter every day and a wide range of users are searching for a trustworthy and reliable solution to convert eM Client to Outlook. In this digital era, emails play a vital role in professional and non-professional communication. eM client is an email service for sending and receiving emails. But people are facing various issues while using eM client so they are opting for a better and reliable email client that is Outlook. 

No doubt eM Client is one of the popular email clients but it loses its demand because of certain reasons. Because of job switch, many users want to convert eM Client to PST file format. Maintenance cost is also high and not all the user can bear that much cost.  

Why Manual Method is not Preferred by Most of the Users 

The manual process will be useful when there are few eM Client emails. If you are having thousands or more files then you have to convert them one by one which is not practical and it will waste your precious time. Moreover, there is a great risk of losing the data. So, it is recommended to use professional eM Client to Outlook Converter to migrate all your emails without losing a single file. 

eM Client Mailbox Export in Outlook Professionally 

eM Client to PST Converter is one of the reliable tools which provides the direct way to convert eM Client to Outlook. The tool is designed with a self-explanatory wizard that can be operated by novice users without technical expertise. Now let’s discuss how to import eM Client emails to Outlook step by step. To know more about the tool and download Yota eM Client Converter for free, click the download button.

Steps to Convert eM Client to Outlook are as follows:

Follow these simple steps to convert eM Client emails to PST format

  1. Run the eM Client Converter Wizard in your system. 

  2. Go to Open and select eM Client Accounts from there.

    em client converter

  3. Click on Export and select PST as saving option. 

    em client converter

  4. Set the desired location and click on Save

    em client converter

This is how you can easily convert eM Client to Outlook using eM Client Converter. 

Some Prominent Features of eM Client to PST Converter tool 

  • Batch Conversion: This intelligent eM Client converter has been designed to convert eM Client to Outlook in bulk and convert them into PST format at once. This will save a lot of time if you have thousands or more emails to convert. 
  • No File Size: If you have large-sized eM Client mailbox to migrate and you have this eM Client to PST converter wizard then you don’t have to worry about the file size. Because there are no restrictions imposed on the size of the mailboxes. 
  • Preview of eM Client mails: You can preview the files that are generated by the software instantly after uploading the files in the software panel. This will also allow its users to select or deselect the emails that you want to migrate from the mailbox of eM Client.
  • Compatible with all Windows: The eM Client to Outlook Converter utility is designed to work with every version of Windows OS smoothly while converting entire mailbox items from eM Client to PST format and tool can be easily installed into all Windows OS based machines. 
  • Free Demo: The eM Client to PST converter is available for a free trial. You can try the tool to convert eM Client to Outlook without spending any money. But it comes with a limitation that you can only export 5 items per folder. This demo will help you to check the performance of the tool. 
  • 100% Safe and Secured Tool: This incredible tool is highly secured with a highly advanced coding system and ensures you the safe conversion every time you use the application. Also, there will be no modification done to the original file and formatting. Thus, you will get the precise results without any doubt if you are using this tool to convert eM Client to Outlook. 


Well, I hope you got all your solutions to the queries to convert eM Client to Outlook and I would suggest you avoid manual method for conversion of eM Client emails to PST because you may lose your important data and may not get the desired results. But if you go with professional eM Client migrator then you can convert unlimited files as well as there will be no data loss.  I hope my article is helpful to you and you have got the answer to your questions. 

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