How to Extract Phone Numbers from Yandex Mail?

Overview: If you are thinking that it is very daunting task to extract phone numbers from Yandex Mail account, then you might be right. Because, we receive number of emails on daily basis and retrieving phone numbers from each and every email and save them locally is quite challenging. So, if you are someone who is looking for the easiest solution to download all phone numbers from Yandex email account, then this is the right blog for you. In this article we will walk you through the best solution that can automatically save all phone numbers from Yandex emails without any extra efforts. Here we will be using Yota Phone Number Extractor tool to accomplish the task with high accuracy. Lets get started!

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But first understand that why someone wanted to export all mobile numbers from Yandex Mail account beforehand. Phone Numbers hold vital information that connect us from other people. Having phone numbers at one place can significantly streamline your task and can boost your productivity. Even it can help you to gain your new customer if used properly. So, those were the few reasons why people want to export phone numbers from emails.

The Quick Solution to Extract Phone Numbers from Yandex Mail

Yota Phone Number Extractor tool is an ultimate solution to save multiple mobile numbers from Yandex account. This specifically designed tool make the entire process hassle-free and errorless. With this software, you can easily export and save your valuable data from Yandex Mail with just a few clicks.

The tool seamlessly integrated with your Yandex Mail account and gives you access to all your emails and contacts. It can quickly scan all your data and then you can easily extract phone numbers from Yandex Mail. The tool lets you save mobile numbers in a list form in .txt format. And the best part is that comes with intuitive interface that guides you through the entire process.

You can utilize this software as Email Migrator that can let you export Yandex email to Gmail, Yandex to Office 365, Yandex to Thunderbird, Yandex to Outlook, Yandex to Yahoo and many more. Now, below are the steps to download phone numbers from Yandex emails.

Detailed Steps to Export Phone Numbers from Yandex Account are as follows:

  • To start the process, download the Email Extractor Tool on your PC. To install it, follow the on-screen instructions properly.
  • Now, click on Open tab and choose Email Accounts>> Add Account option from the top most corner.
  • After that, you have to provide the login credentials of Yandex account. Make sure to fill correct data to establish connection with the software.
  • Next, go to Extract tab and select Phone Numbers from the list of given options to extract phone numbers from Yandex account.
  • Lastly, enter the desired location to save the extracted data and hit the Save button.

Prominent Features of the tool

  • Standalone Utility: It is a standalone solution that makes the whole process more convenient. It operates independently without the need for additional software or plugins. You don’t have to worry about complicated installations or compatibility issues. It’s a self-contained solution that you can rely on to save phone numbers from Yandex Mail account with ease.
  • Secure and Reliable: Data Safety is our utmost priority. That is why our experts have designed this tool with advanced algorithm to keep your data safe. It does not save any of your information or data in its database. That is why it is highly trusted solution in the market.
  • Multiple Export Options: Utilizing this Yandex Backup Wizard, you can easily convert your emails into different format and save them locally into your PC. You can convert Yandex to PST, Yandex to MBOX, Yandex to PDF, Yandex to EML, Yandex to HTML and so on.
  • Dedicated Customer Support: This Phone Number Extractor comes with dedicated customer support to resolve your queries. You can contact them any time you want if you stuck with process. They are highly knowledgeable and ready to help you as soon as possible.


Yandex Mail is a popular email service with millions of users worldwide. Yandex Mail offers a reliable and feature-rich platform for managing personal and business email accounts. However, if you want to extract phone numbers from Yandex emails in bulk, then it does not provide any manual solution. You have to take the help of automated solution like Yota Phone Number Extractor Wizard.

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If you are not sure about buying the solution at first, then you can check its capabilities by downloading the free demo of the tool.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I extract phone numbers from other email providers using the Yota Phone Number Extractor Tool?

Yes, this tool supports various email providers, including popular ones like Gmail, Outlook, and Yahoo. You can extract phone numbers from multiple email accounts using the same tool.

Can I export the extracted phone numbers to other applications or platforms?

Absolutely! The software offers lets you export phone numbers in text file. You can easily transfer the extracted phone numbers to other applications or platforms for further use.

Can I download phone numbers from specific email folders only?

Yes, Yota Phone Number Extractor Tool allows you to select specific email folders from which you want to extract phone numbers. This flexibility enables you to extract relevant phone numbers based on your requirements.