How to Extract Phone Numbers from Zoho Mail?

Overview: Looking to extract phone numbers from Zoho Mail account? If yes, then this blog is for you. Whether you are a business owner or an individual who want to keep all of their contacts in one place, we have got you covered! Here, in this article, I will be talking about the detailed process of extracting phone numbers from Zoho emails using one of the best tool i.e. Yota Phone Number Extractor. This professional tool has been designed to export all the mobile numbers from Zoho account without any efforts.

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Zoho Mail is a widely used email services that offers a wide range of features to improve your communication experience. Although, when it comes to export  hone numbers in bulk from the mailbox, Zoho does not provide direct solution. You have to open each and every email and look for the number that you want to save. Then you will copy it and paste it somewhere. But the real challenge comes here is to go through all the emails and then one by one search for the numbers. This will take a lot more time than you think. That is why it is recommended to use any automated solution that can streamline the entire task. That’s where Yota Phone Number Extractor comes in.

Quickest Solution to Extract Phone Numbers from Zoho Mail

Zoho Phone Number Extractor Wizard is an ultimate solution to download all mobile numbers from Zoho mailbox. Designed with simplifies and straightforward panel, it meets all requirements of both technical and non technical users. It provides direct options to extract phone numbers from Zoho Mail profile. You can import Zoho email to Office 365, Gmail, Yahoo and so on using the same utility. The tool is compatible with all latest and previous Windows OS including Win 11, 10, 8, 7, etc.

Additionally, users can easily select the specific folder or email from the mailbox and export phone numbers from your required emails without any hassle. After that, you can save the extracted data in a separate text file. But that’s not all! This Email Extractor offers a highly knowledgeable customer support team that is always ready to assist you. They are just a call or message away and ready to help you with your queries regarding the process.

Detailed Steps to Download All Phone Numbers from Zoho Mail are as follows:

Step 1. To start the process, you need to download the software on your system. After that follow the instructions provided to complete the installation process.

Step 2. Now, click on Open tab and choose Email Accounts>> Add Account.

Step 3. Next, you have to enter the Zoho Mail login credentials to establish a connection. Please enter the correct email address and password.

Step 4. After that, go to the Extract tab and select Phone Numbers from the list of options. You can also use this tool to extract attachments from Zoho account.

Step 5. It offers various options to narrow down your search, such as selecting specific folders or applying filters based on date range or search criteria.

filter emails

Step 6. To finalize the process, enter the desired location to save the data and hit the Save button to extract phone numbers from Zoho email.

Benefits and Features of Yota Zoho Phone Number Extractor tool

Preview Option: It allows you view the emails including attachments and phone numbers before starting the process. From this preview window you can easily select or deselect the emails and have a full control over the process. This makes the software even more reliable and efficient.

Advance Search Option: This tool has the capability to scan the entire mailbox and extract phone numbers from them. Whether its your inbox, sent items, drafts, deleted items, outbox, etc., this tool can easily search the mobile numbers from all the folder without any hassle.

Free Demo Version: You can download the free demo version of the tool that lets you experience its full potential without any commitment. You can try its working features and see how this tool work. After getting satisfied, you can buy the full version of the tool.


Extracting phone numbers from Zoho Mail account becomes easy with Yota Phone Number Extractor. By following the outlined step-by-step guide in this article, you can efficiently export phone numbers from Zoho Mail as per your requirement. With its advanced extraction capabilities and customizable features, it streamlines the process of exporting phone numbers, saving you time and effort. Give this software a try today and see how it can extract phone numbers from Zoho Mail.

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