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How to Extract Phone Numbers from Hotmail Account?

Introduction: Are you tired of manually searching through your Hotmail emails to extract phone numbers? Do you find the process time-consuming and inefficient? If yes, then don’t worry! We have an easy solution to extract phone numbers from Hotmail emails in bulk. In this article, I will be discussing the most efficient method to save multiple phone numbers from Hotmail account without getting any error.

Having access to all phone numbers that are stored into your emails can be really helpful for business owners. However, going through bulk of emails to search and note down the numbers would be challenging task. Isn’t it? If you are also one of the Hotmail users and want to export phone numbers from Hotmail emails then download Yota Phone Number Extractor tool. With its intelligent algorithms, you can get the comprehensive list of mobile numbers in few clicks.

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Extract Hotmail Phone Numbers in 4 Easy Steps

  1. Download and Install Yota Hotmail Phone Number Extractor in your PC.
  2. Click on Open>> Email Accounts>> Add Account option.
  3. Enter Hotmail login credentials and preview the files.
  4. Go to Extract >> Phone Numbers. Enter the location and hit the Save button.

Direct Solution to Extract Phone Numbers from Hotmail Account

When it comes to export multiple mobile numbers from Hotmail emails, then you should use a reliable tool to accomplish the task successfully. One of the most preferred solution is Yota Hotmail Phone Number Extractor. This innovatively designed tool simplifies the extraction process that can save a lot of time and efforts. You can utilize this tool to extract attachments from Hotmail emails

It has very clean and streamlined panel that will navigate you through every step without requiring any technical expertise. Additionally, its advances search feature and filter settings help you to find specific emails from the large database. The accuracy of the software is very high. The tool locates phone numbers within the emails with high precision while minimizing errors. Plus, it also lets you save Hotmail backup on your local PC.

Step-by Step Guide for Extracting Phone Numbers from Hotmail

  • To begin, download the Email Extractor Wizard. After that, follow the installation instructions to set up the tool on your system.
  • Next, go to the Open tab and select Email Accounts>> Add Accounts option from the top menu.
  • Now, login to your Hotmail account by providing required detailed. Makes sure to enter correct credentials to establish proper connection with the tool.
  • Thereafter, the tool will upload all the emails associated with that account. You can preview them with all details.
  • Then, click the Extract option and select Phone Numbers from the list of saving options.
  • It provides various options to customize the process. You can specify the date range, select specific folders or labels, and even set filters to include or exclude certain emails.filter emails
  • Enter the desired destination folder to save the extracted data and hit the Save button to finalize the process.

Useful Features of Hotmail Phone Number Extraction Tool

  • Extract in Batch: Are you having a large database and now you are looking to extract phone numbers from Hotmail account at once? Try its Batch mode feature. It is highly optimized tool that can process and export mobile numbers from large volume of data. It can save lots of efforts while dealing with large-sized mailboxes.
  • Windows Compatibility: This software is designed for all Windows operating systems, ensuring compatibility and ease of use for a wide range of users. Whether you’re using Windows 11, 10, 8 or 7, you can easily use this solution to extract phone numbers from Hotmail account seamlessly.
  • Import Emails to Other Email Clients: It not only saves phone numbers from Hotmail emails but also helps you to migrate emails into other emails services. Like you can import Hotmail to Office 365 account, Hotmail to Gmail with attachments, Hotmail to Thunderbird account, Hotmail to IMAP server, Hotmail to Outlook and so on,
  • Download Free Demo: If you are not sure whether this software will work for you or not, then you can download the free demo of the tool. It can extract phone numbers from few Hotmail emails. The trial version provides glimpse of the functionality of the tool and you can see the working features of the tool.


Now, it doesn’t have to be a time-consuming task to extract phone numbers from Hotmail emails. The solution I have recommended in the above write-up can efficiently export phone numbers from Hotmail account in just few minutes. This powerful tool offers a wide range of features that will help you to accomplish the task with accuracy. So, download the tool now and download the phone numbers from multiple Hotmail accounts in one single place.

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