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How to Export Hotmail Emails to Outlook? – Simplified Way

If you are looking to export Hotmail emails to Outlook, then this is the right blog. This complete tutorial gives you the detailed steps to migrate Hotmail to Outlook application along with attachments.

As we all know Hotmail, now known as, is a popular web-based email service provided by Microsoft. It allows users to access their emails from various devices with an internet connection.

On the other hand, MS Outlook is a desktop-based email application that is used world widely. It offers many great features to its users and is available for both Windows and Mac OS.

Do you know how you can export Hotmail emails to Outlook?

You can easily migrate Hotmail to Outlook application by configuring your Hotmail and Outlook accounts. However, this takes a long time and you must have technical expertise to accomplish the configuration task. To make it simple and fast, you can use the best email conversion tool.

So, if you are interested in knowing the full process, then download the Yota Email Converter Tool on a Windows PC. It is the expert solution that can help you migrate Hotmail to Outlook seamlessly.

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How to Export Hotmail Emails to Outlook?

  1. Run the Yota Hotmail Backup Tool and click Open.
  2. Go to Email Accounts and click Add Account.
  3. Enter Hotmail account credentials.
  4. Then click Export and choose PST format.
  5. Hit on the Save button.

Why Migrate Hotmail to Outlook?

There are many situations when users switch from a web client to a desktop email client. Users want to export Hotmail emails to Outlook due to several reasons:

  • Outlook is integrated with MS Office Suite that includes applications like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. It helps users to manage their emails and tasks very conveniently.
  • Also, it offers a wide range of features and functionality as compared to Hotmail. It has advanced email management options, robust filtering capabilities, and quick search functionality.
  • Outlook also provides a larger storage capacity for emails and attachments as compared to Hotmail. This means users can store large numbers of emails and other data.
  • These days outlook is a widely used platform in all businesses. It makes it easier for users to collaborate and communicate within their workspace. It also supports integration with other business applications such as MS Exchange and SharePoint so that they can share information easily.
User Query: I have 20K+ emails in my Hotmail account. Due to this my mailbox quota limit was exceeded and there is no space for new emails. So, I want to migrate Hotmail to Outlook mailbox. I have tried different methods but did not get any success. Is there any way to transfer Hotmail emails to Outlook without losing any data? Thanks in advance!

Manual Method to Migrate from Hotmail to Outlook

  1. Open the Outlook application and go to File >> Add Account.
  2. Choose Manually Configure server settings or additional server type and click Next.
  3. Then choose the Internet Email option and hit the Next button.
  4. Now enter the details to export Hotmail emails to Outlook.
  5. Select the account type as POP3 and enter incoming and outgoing server details.
  6. Use in the incoming mail server and in the Outgoing mail server.
  7. Provide login credentials of the Hotmail account.
  8. Now go to More Settings and select My Outgoing server requires authentication.
  9. Choose Advanced Tab and type 995 as your POP3 Server Port and 587 as your SMTP Server Port.
  10. Click on the Next button and tap on the Finish to initiate the process.
  11. You need to restart the Outlook application.
  12. After that, you can access your Hotmail emails to the Outlook account that you have exported.

Limitations of Manual Method

  • This method only imports emails and not other mailbox data like contacts, calendars, or tasks.
  • It required a lot of technical knowledge to import Hotmail emails to Outlook manually.
  • You may lose your data if you do not follow all the steps properly.

Quick Solution to Change from Hotmail to Outlook

Yota Email Migration Tool is a powerful solution to export Hotmail emails to Outlook 2021. It offers a seamless method to migrate multiple Hotmail emails without any hassle.

This also works as the best email backup tool that is specifically designed for saving emails locally. You can utilize this to backup Hotmail emails by converting them into different formats. You can convert Hotmail to MBOX format, Hotmail to PDF to print emails, Hotmail to EML with attachments, Hotmail to CSV, and others.

One feature that makes it an exceptional solution to quickly change from Hotmail to Outlook is its ability to handle large-scale migrations. So, if you want to export a few hundred emails or thousands of emails, this tool will not let you down.

Steps to Export Hotmail Emails to Outlook are as follows:

  1. Download and Install the Yota Hotmail to PST Converter Tool on your PC.
  2. Next, click on Open, Email Accounts, and choose Add backup
  3. Enter the Hotmail account email and password.migrate hotmail to outlook
  4. After that, go to the Export tab and select PST as a saving format.export hotmail emails to outlook 2021
  5. Enter the location to store the exported file and hit the Save to outlook migration

Done! This is how you can seamlessly export Hotmail emails to Outlook 2021 and other versions using this wizard.

Now you have converted Hotmail emails to PST format, you can easily import this file into Outlook 2021.

If Outlook Import/Export greyed out, you may be using an older version of MS Outlook. So check your version and update to the latest version like 2021, 2019, 2016 etc.

Features of Hotmail to Outlook Import Wizard

  • Preserve Folder Structure: This tool is capable of preserving the folder structure of emails during the process. All your emails that are migrated will remain organized properly and you will not face any difficulty while locating them in a new account.
  • Complete Migration: The tool to migrate Hotmail to Outlook lets you transfer all the mailbox items including emails, contacts, calendars, etc. It also allows you to extract attachments from Hotmail emails in a separate folder. You don’t have to worry about the data loss throughout the process. You can fully trust the authenticity of the tool.
  • Bulk Migration: If you are someone who has a large number of emails to migrate, then this would be the perfect choice. It can export Hotmail emails to Outlook in bulk mode without any error. This can save a lot of time and effort throughout.
  • Detailed Preview: The Hotmail to Outlook Migration tool provides a preview of emails before starting the process. It allows you to verify the content, formatting, and other mailbox items. This ensures the accuracy of the migrated emails.
  • Support 200+ Cloud Servers: It can help you to move your emails to different servers. You can import Hotmail to IMAP server, Hotmail to Thunderbird account, Hotmail to Office 365 with attachments, Hotmail to Gmail or G Suite account, and many more.


In the above article, we have mentioned the two possible solutions to export Hotmail emails to Outlook 2021. If you are one of those who want to quickly migrate Hotmail to Outlook, then download the above-recommended tool. It allows you to transfer multiple Hotmail emails to Outlook in one go without any issues.

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You can download the free demo of the tool to test the software’s capabilities. This trial version lets you export 10 emails per folder free of cost. If you still have any doubts, you can contact our support team regarding how to change from Hotmail to Outlook application.


Question 1. Does Hotmail still work in 2023?

Answer. If you wondering if is Hotmail still around, then the answer is no. However, it is known as, the popular email service to send and receive email messages.

Question 2. Can I  transfer all emails from Hotmail to Outlook app?

Answer. Yota email backup tool lets you transfer entire emails from a Hotmail account at once.

Question 3. How can I change from Hotmail to Outlook desktop email client?

Answer. You can migrate Hotmail to the MS Outlook application by configuring both accounts. However, this is not a safe and guaranteed solution. To simplify this task, you can use the Yota migration tool that completes this task in 5 simple steps.