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How to Import SmarterMail to Office 365 Account?

Looking for a way to access SmarterMail through Office 365? Or do you need to migrate SmarterMail email to Office 365 with attachments? Don’t hesitate to explore this blog – it has everything you’ll need to learn how you can import SmarterMail to Office 365 account. Just download Yota Email Migration tool that can help you in accomplishing your task.

Overview of SmarterMail

SmarterMail is a comprehensive, next-generation email service that provides businesses with the features they need to succeed in today’s digital economy. From anti-spam and encryption to archiving and reporting, it enables businesses to manage their email communication more securely and effectively than ever before. Additionally, SmarterMail’s intuitive and user-friendly interface makes it easy for employees to stay productive and organized.

Microsoft Office 365 is a great choice for businesses because it offers a number of features and benefits that other office suites do not. For example, Exchange Online protects against data loss with built-in archiving and eDiscovery. In addition, SharePoint Online provides a secure place to store and share files, teammates can communicate with each other via instant messaging, and Lync Online lets employees video call, screen share, and collaborate on projects in real time. That is why users are looking to import SmarterMail to Office 365 account in easy manner.

Why Users Want to Import SmarterMail to Office 365 Account?

There are more other advantages of using MS Office 365 account for large and small businesses. That is why from few weeks, we are receiving queries from various clients. Lets have a look at some user queries.

User Query: I am using SmarterMail from two years. Now I want to move my emails from SmarterMail to Office 365 account due to my new project. I am not getting a perfect solution to import SmarterMail to O365 as I have searched already. Do you have any suggestions regarding the process? I need it on urgent basis. Thanks!
User Query 2: Hello, I was using SmarterMail in my previous job. But since now I have switched to the new company, I have to transfer my emails from that account to my new account and I have chosen Office 365 for that. The main problem here it that I have lots of emails that I want to migrate from SmarterMail to Office 365 account and it contains attachments also that I cannot lose. Can you help me with the reliable solution to import SmarterMail to Office 365 mailbox?

If you are also facing the same problems, then this is the right solution for you. Here, we have recommended you the best solution to migrate SmarterMail emails to Office 365 account with attachments.

How to Import SmarterMail to Office 365?

Yota IMAP to Office 365 Migrator is a reliable and user-friendly converter tool that is designed to help you migrate your email data from SmarterMail to O365. The software is capable of converting large files without causing your system to slow down. It is also able to export multiple personal folder files at the same time with no difficulty.

It is a solution that understands user needs better than any other tool available in the market. This SmarterMail Migration tool is a highly qualified solution to SmarterMail files into a popular file format. It not only exports mailbox data to different formats, but also provides a preview of files with attachments. You can also utilize this tool to import SmarterMail to Outlook, SmarterMail to Gmail, SmarterMail to IMAP, Hotmail, Yahoo, Thunderbird and so on.

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Steps to Export Emails from SmarterMail to Office 365 are as follows:

  1. Run Yota SmarterMail to Office 365 Migrator in your Windows PC.
  2. Go to Open>> Email Accounts and click on Add Account.smartermail to office 365
  3. Enter the login details of SmarterMail account and login.import smartermail to office 365
  4. Go to Export and select Office 365 as saving option.smartermail to office 365 migrator
  5. Enter the login credentials of Office 365 account and hit the Save button. smartermail to office 365 migration

That’s it! These are the steps to import SmarterMail to Office 365 account without any hassle.

Enhanced Features of SmarterMail to Office 365 Migration tool

  • Convert SquirrelMail to Different Formats: One of the key features of SmarterMail to Office 365 Migrator is that it converts emails into 30+ formats including SmarterMail to PST, EML, MBOX, PDF, etc. This is a great feature for those who want to access their emails in multiple email clients.
  • Bulk Migration of files: It is a utility that supports to batch import SmarterMail to Office 365 or Gmail accounts. This tool can be used for migrating email data from one platform to another in bulk. The software is able to export all emails, attachments, contacts, calendars and more in a single process only.
  • Save SmarterMail Attachments: It is one of the most innovative tool that can help you to save the other email data like attachments, phone numbers, email addresses etc. This tool will allow you to extract SmarterMail attachments in bulk and doesn’t need any other tool.
  • Windows Compatible: This SmarterMail Backup tool can be used by both the novice and expert user with its simple interface. The software has compatibility for all Windows versions and you can download this SmarterMail Migrator on Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, etc.


When it comes to importing email data, most users are left clueless. They do not know how to import SmarterMail to Office 365 account. If you are one of those users, then do not worry. We have an amazing solution for you. With the help of the all-in-one SmarterMail Export tool, you can easily migrate email from SmarterMail to Office 365 account in a quick and easy way. The tool is efficient and reliable to accomplish the task.

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