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Yota Email Forensic Tool

Sophisticated software that helps investigators analyze digital evidence that may be stored in email accounts, messages, and attachments. It is powerful enough to analyze emails from multiple email services.

  • Analyze and Extract Data from Multiple Cloud Email Accounts
  • Option to Save Email Data in Several Popular File Formats
  • Advanced Search Option to Analyze Specific Emails.
  • Analyze Emails Without Losing or Modifying a Single Info
  • Email Investigation Tool Offers a Simple Graphical Interface
  • Works With All Versions of the Windows Operating System
  • Facility to investigate and extract multiple emails in one go
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Why Choose Yota Email Forensic Wizard?

Email Analysis Tool is specifically designed to extract and analyze a wide range of data from multiple email accounts. This helps investigators get a bird's-eye view of emails that may be relevant to their investigation. One of the key features of an email investigation tool is the ability to extract and analyze email data from various sources such as servers, cloud-based accounts, and email clients. This may include email headers, metadata, attachments, and other related information.

100% Security

Email forensic tool ensure the integrity and security of the analyzed data. It does not store any information in its database while investigating. The software is free from all viruses and malware.


This Email Analysis Software greatly speeds up the process of analyzing large volumes of email data. It offers advanced search and analysis capabilities to help investigators quickly identify relevant emails.

Analysis With Accuracy

With this tool, you can analyze emails from multiple platforms without data loss and data modification. You can get all the data in its original form, making it easy for your investigation.

Advanced Features of Email Investigation Software

Let's have a quick look at some highlighted features of this email analysis tool.

yota email forensic wizard

Export Emails to 5+ Formats

Email Forensic Tool provides support to save emails from your account to multiple file formats. Users can download emails in PDF, CSV, EML, PST, MBOX, HTML, TEXT, and others. After that, it is easy for you to access emails in several email clients like Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, and more.

best email analysis tool

Support Multiple Services

Email Analysis Software is a powerful solution to investigate emails. It supports to analysis of emails from various email accounts such as Gmail, Office 365,, Zoho Mail, Amazon Workmail, Zimbra Cloud, MDaemon, Rackspace, Roundcube, AOL Mail, etc.

email filtering

Advanced Filter Option

The Email Forensic Wizard also comes with a great filtering feature. It helps you to search for a specific keyword and analyze only required emails. You can filter the emails by Subject, To, From, CC, Time, Date, etc. You can also search in attachments.

 email investigation tool

Email Header Analysis

We all know that email headers contain information about the source of the email. Therefore, this software is able to avoid modifying email headers. It maintains and preserves the original metadata information. This allows cyber experts to analyze emails without losing any information.

How Does Email Forensic Wizard work for Investigation?

Follow these steps to analyze emails using this amazing tool:

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Common Questions Asked by User

How to Investigate Emails Using this software?

Steps to analyze emails with an email investigation tool are:

  • Step 1. Launch Yota Email Forensic Wizard. Click Open > Email Accounts.
  • Step 2. Click Add Account and Enter log in details of the Account.
  • Step 3. Now, hit the Export option and select desired file format.
  • Step 4. Pick a location to store emails and click on the Save button.


This is the easiest and safest way for email analysis.

Can I analyze and save emails of a specific date?
Yes, the software provides a filter option that allows you to download emails of a specific date. You only need to enter the start and end date in the filter section.
What types of previews does the software provide?
The Email Forensic Tool provides 5 different preview modes such as Hex View, Message Header, Raw Message, and Content.
Does the email analysis software require the installation of other programs or software?

No, the Email Investigation Software is completely standalone and able to investigate emails by itself.

Which version of Windows is supported by this Email Forensic Wizard?

It supports all the latest and earlier versions of Windows OS such as 11, 10, and others.