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How to Export Stofa Emails to PST? – Expert Solution 2024

Introduction: Do you use Stofa Webmail to send or receive emails? Are you looking for an instant solution to export Stofa emails to PST? If your answer is yes, then you will find the right solution in this blog. Here we explore the best method to export emails from Stofa to PST file format.

Before we move to the method, let us first know more about Stofa and why users need to export Stofa email to Outlook.

Stofa Webmail is a popular email service in Denmark. It scans emails, sorts unwanted and unsafe emails, and has the best additional security filtering features, making it the preferred option for users.

Why Need to Export Emails from Stofa to Outlook?

There are several reasons for transferring Stofa Webmail email to Outlook. Some of these are:

  • Outlook is a widely used desktop-based email client developed by Microsoft. Once users transfer their emails to Outlook, users can easily access their emails on their system at any time.
  • MS Outlook offers several advanced features and improved security that enable users to switch from Stofa Webmail to Outlook.
  • Microsoft releases new versions of Outlook from time to time. Recently, Microsoft offered the 2021 version of Outlook, which comes with several great features.

Instant Method to Export Stofa Emails to PST

You can use the reliable Email Backup Tool from Yota Software to quickly export emails from Stofa to PST. This tool offers a simplified interface that helps users easily convert Stofa Webmail emails to Outlook PST without technical knowledge. It is loaded with various useful features that make this software more powerful to accomplish this conversion.

With this tool, users can download Stofa emails to their computer in multiple email formats including PST. It permits users to convert bulk emails at the same time without showing any limitations. The software also provides an advanced option to filter emails by date range, content, attachments, and other email fields to convert only selective emails.

This wizard enables you to export emails from Stofa to Outlook PST without making a single change in your data. It preserves email properties like from, to, date, time, links, images, and others. Also, the hierarchy of folders and sub-folders is maintained even after the email conversion task is completed. It also allows you to import Stofa email to Gmail, Microsoft 365, and many more cloud email accounts.

One of the best features of this tool is that it allows you to create individual PST file for each folder. Moreover, the software lets you export Stofa emails to PST without installing an MS Outlook email client on the system.

One can download the trial version of this wizard and verify the working before making any decision. It allows you to convert the first 10 emails per folder for free. You can purchase the license key to convert unlimited emails from Stofa to Outlook PST.

Steps to Convert Stofa Emails to Outlook PST are as follows:

Step 1. Download and Install Yota IMAP Backup Wizard on your system.

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Step 2. Click Open > Email Accounts > Add Account to add your email account.

add stofa mail account

Step 3. Then type the login credentials of Stofa Webmail and click the Add button.

enter credentials to export stofa emails to pst

Step 4. Preview all your emails, click Export, and pick PST from the multiple formats.

export emails from stofa to pst

Step 5. Set a preferred location to store PST and click Save to export Stofa emails to PST.

click save and export emails from stofa to outlook

That’s it!

This is how you can instantly export emails from Stofa to PST and open your emails in the Outlook application.

Note: If you face the error Import Export Greyed Out in Outlook and fail to import your PST file, then it is advisable to update the version of your application.

The software also offers several features some of which are listed below:

  • No need to install the Outlook application on the PC to export Stofa emails to PST.
  • Enables you to convert multiple emails from Stofa Webmail at a time with 0% data loss.
  • It provides an option to export emails from Stofa to Outlook PST file at the desired destination for easy access.
  • The software does not change even a single piece of information from your account and does not store any information in the database.
  • It provides a full preview of your mail account data including all content before exporting Stofa emails to Outlook PST.


This blog has explained the step-by-step instructions to export Stofa emails to PST. To accomplish this process, we have recommended the best IMAP migration tool. This allows users to seamlessly export emails from Stofa to PST. This way users can easily transfer Stofa email to Outlook 2021, 2019, 2016, and later editions.

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