How to Import Outlook Calendar to Gmail? – Best Techniques 2024

Two Methods to Add Outlook Calendar to Google Calendar

Are you finding a method to import Outlook calendar to Gmail? Then your search ends here. This blog introduces a complete step-by-step guide on how to add Outlook calendar to Google Calendar.

Outlook and Gmail are both popular platforms for sending/receiving emails and managing contacts, calendars, and other data items. Microsoft Outlook is a desktop-based email client while Gmail is a cloud-based email service. With Gmail, users can access their email, contacts, calendar, and more anytime, anywhere. Also, users don’t need the same computer to access data, only an internet connection is required to access Gmail data.

This is the main reason why a large number of users are looking for a way to import Outlook calendar to Gmail. But have not found any reliable method yet. Therefore we decided to teach you how to transfer calendar data from Outlook to Google Calendar. So keep reading…

Solutions to Import Outlook Calendar to Google Calendar

You need to first export Outlook calendar events to ICS file format. Because it is supported by almost all services and email clients to save calendar entries. Once you have a calendar file, it is easy to import it into Gmail. There are two methods to perform this conversion:

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  • Using Manual Method (Lengthy and Requires Technical Expertise)

So, in the below section, we will explain both methods one after one. You can pick any which meets your needs at the end of the blog.

Import Outlook Calendar to Gmail Using Automated Tool

Yota Outlook Migrator is the topmost and most secure platform to save Outlook calendars in ICS file format. It transfers all data like meetings, reminders, and others without any modification. The software also can auto-detect the location of the configured Outlook profile and load data to the interface.

It supports all editions of MS Outlook so you don’t have to worry about which Outlook version is installed on your system. Along with this, it supports all the latest and earlier versions of Microsoft Windows such as Win 11, 10, etc.

The software also provides a full preview of the Outlook calendar data along with all information. It does not modify or lose a single piece of information from your account and gives you 100% accurate results.

To start with import Outlook calendar to Gmail procedure, first, download and install the software on your machine. Then follow the below-mentioned steps.

Steps to Import Outlook Calendar to Google Calendar are as follows;

Step 1. Launch Yota Outlook Converter and then go to the Open menu.

pst converter

Step 2. Now click Desktop Email Client and select configured Outlook profile.

select outlook profile

Step 3. After that click Export and select ICS from multiple file formats.

import outlook calendar to gmail

Step 4. Lastly, choose a destination and click on Save to start conversion.

add outlook calendar to google calendar

You are done! Now the software will automatically open the location where you saved the resultant calendar file.

Once you have the calendar file, you can import it into Google Calendar by following these steps.

Steps to Import ICS File to Google Calendar

Step 1. Firstly, open Google Calendar.

Step 2. Click Settings on the top right.

Step 3. Click Select a calendar file from your computer.

Step 4. Select the iCalendar file that you exported from the Outlook calendar. Then click Open.

Step 5. Now, click the Import button.

That’s it!

Manually Add Outlook Calendar to Google Calendar

In the manual method to import Outlook calendar to Gmail, you need to first save the calendar in the iCalendar file from Outlook. Then import the calendar file into Gmail.

Step 1. First of all, open your Outlook account.

Step 2. After that Open the calendar that you want to export.

Step 3. Then go to the File menu and select Save Calendar.

Step 4. Choose the file name of your calendar file.

Step 5. Now, click on More Options…

Step 6. Here, click the date range arrows to select the amount of data to include in the calendar file you are importing. The user can also select a date range by selecting the Specify Dates option.

Step 7. After that click, the details arrow to select the details to sync. Three options include Full Details, Availability Only, and Limited Details.

Step 8. Now hit on the Advanced option and choose between “Include details of items marked private” and “Include attachments within calendar items”.

Step 9. Finally, click on and then click on the Save button.

Now, you can import the exported calendar file to Google Calendar by following the above-discussed steps.

Limitations of Manual Method

The above manual approach is tedious and requires technical expertise to complete the steps. And one wrong step can cause a data loss problem for the users. Also, this method won’t work if users have a PST file with calendar data and want to save the calendar in Gmail without Outlook.

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We know how important calendar data is to users or organizations, therefore we have discussed the best approaches to import Outlook calendar to Gmail. Here we have mentioned the manual and automated methods to add Outlook calendar to Google calendar. The manual trick is quite time-consuming, so it is recommended to use the Outlook converter tool to quickly import calendar items from Outlook 2021, 2019, 2016, 2013, and 2010 to Google Calendar.