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How to Migrate Qmail to Outlook 2021?

Are you looking for a solution to migrate Qmail to Outlook email client? If yes, then you will get the best solution here. In this blog, we will discuss the easy and quick solution to migrate Qmail emails to Outlook application. So let’s start.

But before that, let us first know more about Qmail and Outlook and why users need to migrate emails from Qmail to Outlook.

Qmail is an email transfer agent and enables seamless email transfer through a client/server architecture. Qmail was designed as a secure alternative to Sendmail, which was plagued by security vulnerabilities, and has met the needs of many users. However, as technology and services continue to evolve, more and more Qmail users are looking for ways to switch to the Microsoft Outlook application.

Outlook is a personal information manager programmed by Microsoft. It is used worldwide by organizations and individuals to manage emails, contacts, etc. Microsoft releases new versions of Outlook from time to time. For example, Outlook 2021 was recently launched, which offers several advanced features and better security.

Why Migrate Qmail to Outlook Email Client?

Qmail is a simple email manager that is easier to use and stable enough to provide a secure environment. However, there are many drawbacks of Qmail and some of them are:

  • No standard configuration process for managing accounts.
  • IPv6 internet connection is not supported.
  • The queue structure for managing email is complex.
  • Many settings have hard-coded limits. For example: outgoing SMTP messages.
  • Although Qmail is free to use, it is not open source.

How to Migrate Qmail Emails to Outlook?

Sadly, no manual solution to migrate Qmail to Outlook email client. However, this task can be easily accomplished with the help of a professional tool. Yota Email Migration Tool is a smarter solution to export Qmail to PST and you can import the PST file into the Outlook application. It is simple and use and any user can effortlessly perform this task without wasting much time.

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The software does not have any limitations so you are free to export multiple Qmail emails to PST for Outlook at once. It also allows you to select and transfer only required emails from the Qmail account. The tool gives you the freedom to search emails by entering a specific keyword.

Moreover, you can view Qmail emails before starting the export process. The tool provides a full and quick preview of Qmail files in 4 different modes. It also lets you migrate Qmail emails to Outlook 2021, 2019, 2016, and other below versions.

With this tool, you will always get accurate results. It keeps all email properties and folder hierarchy in the original form during the migration. Plus, it does not need the installation of MS Outlook application to export Qmail to PST file format.

You can download the trial version of the software on any Windows system. It helps you to export the first 10 Qmail emails from each folder to a PST file. To export unlimited emails, you can buy the license key.

Steps to Migrate Qmail to Outlook Using PST are as follows:

  1. Run Yota Qmail to PST Tool and hit the Open tab from the open
  2. Go to Email Accounts and select Add Account or open a configured account.add qmail account
  3. Then enter the Qmail account Email ID and Password to log in.add qmail credentials
  4. Select the folder and click Export then pick PST file format.migrate qmail to outlook
  5. Finally, hit the Save button to export Qmail emails to PST for Outlook.export qmail to pst for outlook

That’s all!

The process will start automatically and you can see the live progress report. Once it is finished, you will get a message of successful conversion. Then click OK and review the exported file.

Now, you need to import the resulting PST file into the Outlook application. For this, you can click File > Open&Export > Import/Export > Import from another program or file > select the exported PST file and click on the Finish button.

If you cannot import the file and Import Export Greyed Out in Outlook Windows, first check the Outlook version. Second, upgrade to the Pro version if you are using the demo version.

Final Thoughts

Here we have shared the complete steps to migrate Qmail to Outlook email client. With the Qmail to PST tool, you can easily export Qmail emails to PST file and then import the file into an Outlook account. I hope this blog helps you clear all the doubts and questions about migrating Qmail emails to Outlook application.

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