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Yota Office 365 Migration Wizard

Easy and quick migration from Office 365 cloud email service. Download the tool for free and migrate Office 365 mailbox to multiple cloud email services and email clients.

  • Migrate Office 365 emails to Gmail and other cloud services
  • Migrate emails from one Office 365 account to another account
  • Performs Microsoft 365 migration in bulk mode with full safety
  • Smart Filter facility to transfer only specific emails and save space
  • Direct email migration from one cloud account to another accurately
  • Office 365 migrator successfully works on the latest Windows 11 OS
  • Securely Migrate Office 365 mailbox to desktop-based email clients
  • Provides support to transfer emails from all folders without size limit
*Download Yota Office 365 Migration tool for free to transfer all your mailbox data.

Why Should You Use Yota Office 365 Migration Wizard?

Data migration is the basic need of any organization to manage a large number of data. When it comes to migrate Office 365 emails, users face many troubles and looking for a trouble-free solution. For those users, Yota Microsoft 365 migration tool is the best choice that helps them to migrate emails from Office 365 accounts.

This software let you perform migration from O365 to other cloud accounts such as Google Workspace, Zoho Mail, Exchange, Yahoo Mail, Amazon WorkMail, and more. Apart from that users can migrate Office 365 to Thunderbird, Outlook, Apple Mail, and many other desktop email applications. Office 365 migrator offers various great features that help users to accomplish the Office 365 email migration task according to their needs.

Safe & Secure

The best Office 365 migration tool is a totally safe solution for all users who want to migrate Office 365 mailbox to new account. Throughout the migration process, no single piece of information of your cloud email account is ever stored in the database.

Super Easy to Use

The interface of this best Microsoft 365 migration wizard is very simple and understandable. A person who has not much technical knowledge can also access this software and migrate emails from Office 365 without facing any trouble.

No Limit

Yota Office 365 migration wizard is completely a limitless solution. It does not set any limitations regarding the file size of your emails. That means you are free to transfer as many and any size of emails from your O365 account effortlessly.

Great Features of the Best Office 365 Email Migration Tool

Let's take a look at some powerful features of this Microsoft 365 migration wizard

migrate office 365 mailbox

Bulk Migrate Office 365 Mailbox

Yota Office 365 mailbox migration tool can transfer multiple O365 emails in a single attempt. It supports migrating emails from all folders without data loss. Also, you can transfer large sizes of O365 emails without any limitations. Now you can easily migrate Office 365 emails to another cloud account without data loss and size restrictions.

office 365 migration tool

Office 365 to Office 365 Migration

Office 365 Migration Tool is a sophisticated utility that allows you to migrate emails from one Office 365 account to another account. Yes, you can directly migrate Office 365 mailbox to another account. You just need to enter the correct credentials of your cloud account into the Office 365 migrator software to start the direct migration.

support cloud services

Support 100+ Cloud Services

With the help of this best Office 365 email migration tool, you can migrate Office 365 emails to several popular cloud services. It helps you migrate Office 365 to G Suite, Exchange, Zoho Mail, Zimbra Mail,, Roundcube, Rackspace, GoDaddy Mail, etc. directly. Don't worry that you won't lose any data from your account.

migrate office 365 emails

Migrate Office 365 to Email Clients

The Office 365 migration software also provides an option to migrate emails from Office 365 to many desktop-based email applications. Now, you can easily migrate Office 365 to Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, Mac Mail, SeaMonkey, Spicebird, Windows Mail, and many more. Moreover, it works as the Office 365 backup tool and allows you to save emails to PC in multiple email formats.

best office 365 email migration tool

Migrate Emails Selectively

Now, there is no need to transfer all unrequired emails from the O365 account. The Microsoft 365 migration tool provides an advanced filter option by which users can find emails by a specific keyword. It allows you to apply filters on emails according to name, date, time, subject, etc. Also, you can search emails within attachments with this Office 365 mailbox migration wizard.

office 365 migration wizard

Download Office 365 Migration Wizard Free

It offers a downloadable demo version on the Windows version that you can use to check the functionality of the software. The free version of the Office 365 email migration tool helps you migrate the first 10 emails from each folder. The demo edition is exactly the same as the full version, the only difference is that the full version has no limitations.

How to Migrate Office 365 Emails With Attachments?

Here are the steps for Office 365 mailbox migration on Windows:

What are the Additional Features You Get with Yota Office 365 Migrator?

preview modes

Multiple Preview Modes

This the best office 365 email migration tool which offers multiple preview options to view emails before migration. After enterting login details of your account, the tool will load all data of your account. After you can click on the particular email and preview it in multiple modes along with all attached information like links, images, documents, and more.

Available Preview Options are...
  • Content
  • Message Header
  • Hex View
  • Raw Message
  • Properties View
extract attachments

Attachment Extraction

With this Office 365 migration wizard, you can smoothly extract attachments from office 365 cloud account. Yes, you can simply click on Extract option from top after preview emails and save your attachments at the desired location on your system.

extract contacts

Contacts Extraction

In case you need to extract all phone numbers from the Office 365 emails, then should you do? Do not need to worry as the software is powerful to save all contacts from the emails with zero data loss.

extract email addresses

Email Addresses Extraction

Along with attachments and contacts, the Office 365 email migration tool is also able to extract email addresses from O365 mailbox. It provides support to save multiple email ids at the same time.

extract photos

Associated Email and Phone Numbers

The Office 365 migration tool is also capable to instantly export a list of contact numbers and associated emails. This is an all-in-one utility that fulfills your needs for Office 365 mailboxe migration.

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Common Questions Asked by User

How can I migrate Office 365 emails with attachments?

Steps to migrate Office 365 mailbox are as follows;

  • Step 1. Install Yota Office 365 Migration Wizard on your system.
  • Step 2. Click Open, Email Accounts, and then select Add Account.
  • Step 3. Now, enter the login details of your O365 account.
  • Step 4. Pick the desired saving option from the list and click on Save.

Done! This is how it is easy to migrate emails from Office 365 account using the Office 365 migrator wizard.

How long does it take to migrate Office 365 to another account?
Well, it totally depends on how many emails you want to migrate from O365. Overall, it takes only a few minutes to complete the Office 365 mailbox migration wizard.
Can I migrate a mailbox larger than 15 GB from Office 365?
Yes, this is the best Office 365 migration tool that allows you to transfer a large size of Office 365 mailboxes without any loss of data.
How do I transfer emails from Office 365 Webmail to desktop?

You can simply download Yota Office 365 email migration tool and enter your account credentials. After you can select the desired file format to save Office 365 emails to PC.

Does Yota Office 365 migration wizard is safe?
Yes, of course, this is the most secure Office 365 mailbox migration software that only gives you accurate results.
Can I install Office 365 migrator on my Windows PC?
Yes, this is totally Windows-based O365 migrator tool that works on Windows 11, 10, and other editions.