How to Export Bluehost Emails to EML File Format?

Summary: Worried about how to export Bluehost emails to EML file format? Do not worry! Here you will find the right answer to your request. This article explains the complete steps to convert emails from Bluehost to EML files with the best Bluehost backup wizard for Windows OS.

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Why Need to Save Emails in EML from Bluehost Webmail?

In today’s digital world, there are several webmail services. Bluehost also offers webmail services to their users for communication. With it, you can easily send or receive emails and manage daily tasks. It allows users to open and access their email account anytime, anywhere in any browser like Google Chrome.

However, it is also true that working in the cloud causes many problems for users. Accounts hacked by hackers and ransomware attacks are the most common problems faced by users. To avoid such issues, creating a backup is the most preferred solution by the experts.

This is the main reason users need to back up and save Bluehost emails locally. This is the best way to protect your important emails and access them when you need them. Likewise, there are many users who want to export Bluehost emails to EML format.

EML is a file extension to save a single email message. It is easy to open and supported by a variety of email clients such as Mozilla Thunderbird, Outlook Express, Windows Live Mail, Zoho Mail, etc.

How Do I Export Emails from Bluehost to EML Files?

  1. Run the Email Backup Tool on your system.
  2. Go to Open > Email Accounts > Add Account.
  3. Put credentials of Bluehost Mail account.
  4. Hit on Export and select EML file format.
  5. Click on Save to begin the conversion.

Instant Solution to Convert Emails from Bluehost to EML

You can download IMAP Backup Free to your computer and export Bluehost emails to EML file format. This lets users convert entire emails from the Bluehost Mail account with zero loss. It is easy to use and easy to install on Windows 11, 10, 8, 7, etc. Plus, the software save Bluehost emails including all attachments.

It is a fast tool that allows users to export emails from Bluehost to EML files in just a few seconds. The tool is also completely safe & secure and does not lose a single piece of information during the whole conversion. Moreover, users are able to transfer all email folders from the Blushost Mail account at the same time.

Apart from that, it supports many other file formats. Yes, you can also export Bluehost emails to PDF documents file, Bluehost to PST, Bluehost to MBOX, Bluehost to HTML, Bluehost to Text, etc.

With this wizard, novice users can easily convert Bluehost emails to EML format without enlisting the help of tech experts. In addition, all email formatting and meta properties are preserved in their exact form as before the conversion. The folder hierarchy has also been marinated so you can easily access your emails after conversion.

This software is standalone, no additional software needs to be installed on the PC to start the email conversion task. Additionally, users have the option to choose the location where they want to save their resulting files on their system.

To start converting emails from Bluehost to EML, you simply need to download the software on your system. Afterward, follow the steps listed in the below section.

Detailed Steps to Export Bluehost Emails to EML File Format

Here is the complete step-by-step process to transfer emails from Bluehost webmail to EML:

  1. Install and run the tool on your Windows system. Then click on the Open menu from the top.bluehost backup wizard
  2. Go to Email Accounts and select Add Account or open IMAP configured account as per your needs.add your account
  3. Then enter the email id and password of Bluehost webmail. After that click on Add button.add your account credentials
  4. Now, the software automatically loads all data to your account. Choose the folders to export and preview your emails before the conversion.convert bluehost emails to eml
  5. If you want to convert only necessary emails, then you can go with the filter option and filter emails according to your choice.export emails from bluehost to eml
  6. After that, hit on the Export option and choose EML from the multiple file-saving options.export bluehost emails to eml
  7. Finally, choose a destination to save the resultant files and click on the Save button.bluehost to eml conversion

That’s it!

In order to move your emails from one account to another, you must go with the IMAP to IMAP Migration Tool now. This is the best solution to transfer Bluehost email to Gmail, Bluehost to IMAP, Bluehost to Office 365, and many more.

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Final Thoughts

I hope you find the best solution to export Bluehost emails to EML files after reading this blog. Since there is no manual method available for this task, we recommend the most effective backup software for this. It allows you to export emails from Bluehost to EML format with no limitations and no data loss issues.


Q 1. Can I convert Bluehost emails to EML files in bulk?

A. Yes, the Bluehost mail backup tool permits you to convert multiple emails from Bluehost Mail account at once.

Q 2. Is there any option to export Bluehost emails of specific dates only?

A. Yes, it provides a filter option that lets you filter emails by date range, time, etc.

Q 3. Does the tool work on the Mac operating system?

A. No, this software is only compatible with all versions of Windows OS.