How to Export Emails from Rackspace to PDF Format With Attachments?

Do you want to save your Rackspace emails to a portable format? If your answer is yes, then this post would be useful to fulfill your request. In today’s blog, we are going to discuss the quick solution to export emails from Rackspace to PDF file format.

Quick Solution: In order to securely and instantly export Rackspace emails to PDF format, it is advisable to download Yota Rackspace Backup Tool on the system. It will help you to transfer all emails from Rackspace webmail to Adobe PDF along with all attachments.

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Benefits of PDF File Format

A PDF (Portable Document Format) file is a type of electronic document that retains the format and layout of the original document regardless of the device or software used to view it. It is commonly used to share documents that need to be printed or viewed on various devices such as computers, tablets, and smartphones.

PDF file format has several advantages such as:

Compatibility: Open and view PDFs on a wide range of devices and operating systems, including Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android. This makes it a convenient option for document sharing.

Preserve Formatting: Creating a PDF from a document preserves the formatting and layout of the original document. This means your document will look the same no matter which device it is viewed on.

Security: PDF files can be password-protected, making them useful for sharing confidential and confidential information.

Smaller Size: These files are often smaller than the original document, making them easier to email or download from the web.

Searchability: Since PDFs are text-based, they can be searched using keywords. This makes it easier to find specific information in long documents.

Non-Editable: PDFs are typically non-editable, which is useful for sharing the final version of a document. This helps prevent accidental or unauthorized changes.

Export Emails from Rackspace to PDF Format

Sadly, there is no official method available that you can use to export Rackspace emails to PDF file. This can be only accomplished using the automated and expert-recommended Yota Rackspace Email Archive Tool. This will let you convert Rackspace emails including all attachments into PDF format. Along with PDF, it supports multiple other formats. One can also export Rackpsace email to PST file format.

The software is capable enough to export multiple emails from Rackspace webmail in one go. Along with this, it provides support to filter emails by name, date, time, to, from, cc, and transfer selected emails only. It also has the option to save the resultant portable file at the desired location for easy access after conversion.

This tool allows all types of users, tech-savvy or non-tech-savvy, to export emails from Rackspace to PDF file format due to its simple interface. Once you entered the credentials of the Rackspace web account, the software loads all data to the interface. Here you can see the preview of emails in multiple modes.

Plus, it is totally a safe utility that does not store, corrupt, or modify a single piece of information during the export process. Users can smoothly download and install it on any Windows OS version.

Steps to Export Rackspace Emails to PDF With Attachments are as follows;

Step 1. Run Rackspace to PDF Converter and click Open > Email Accounts.

rackspace to pdf converter

Step 2. Click on Add Accounts and enter login details of Rackspace webmail.

enter credentials

Step 3. Preview emails, hit the Export option, and pick PDF as a saving format.

export emails from rackspace to pdf

Step 4. Now, choose a destination to store PDF and click on the Save button.

export rackspace emails to pdf

The export process will begin automatically. After a few minutes, you will receive a message of conversion successfully completed. Now, go to the location you selected in step 4 and access the resultant PDF file.

Note: This Email Backup Wizard also supports multiple popular cloud based email services. Users can migrate email from Rackspace to Gmail or G Suite, migrate Rackspace email to Office 365 account. Along with this, you can directly migrate Rackspace to Thunderbird profile.

Why Prefer Rackspace to PDF Converter Tool?

As there is no manual way to perform the conversion. This software makes it possible for users to export Rackspace emails to PDF format. It offers so many useful features and some of them are:

Save Attachments

It not only converts emails from the Rackspace web account but also saves all attachments contained in emails. No matter the size and format of your attachments, the software is powerful to save them without modification.

No Limitations

The software does not impose any restrictions to export emails from Rackspace to PDF format. It let you transfer multiple and any size of emails from Rackspace email account without showing any limitation bar.

5 Preview Modes

It also provides you with a quick and full preview of Rackspace account emails before starting the process. One can click on the email and preview it with all the attached information. The tool offers 5 different modes like Content, Message Header, Hex View, and Raw Message.

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Here you have learned the best and most effective way to export Rackspace emails to PDF format. In the blog above, we shared the professional automated tool that is the only solution to export Rackspace emails to PDF with all attachments.