How to Migrate Rackspace to Thunderbird Profile Directly? – 2 Best Methods

Are you looking for a quick way to migrate Rackspace to Thunderbird profile? If yes, then this post would be helpful for you. Here you will learn the 2 approaches known as Rackspace Backup Tool and Manual Method to migrate Rackspace email to Thunderbird.

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Rackspace vs Mozilla Thunderbird

Rackspace has confirmed that the ongoing outages impacting its hosted Microsoft Exchange customers are the result of a ransomware attack by an unspecified group against its hosted Exchange environments.

Because of this, many organizations cannot access their email and want to use another email service that is more secure.

Mozilla Thunderbird is a free email application that is easy to set up and customize, and packed with great features. It is available to download on Linux, Windows, and Mac OS.

Benefits of Thunderbird Email Client:

  • Privacy: Thunderbird offers offline email encryption. It also provides a multi-layered defense against phishing and remote images.
  • Open Source: Thunderbird supports customization through a robust selection of third-party extensions.
  • Storage: If storage is a concern, Thunderbird can support remote server functionality. This means you can maintain a personal offline mail server with additional storage and security.
  • Offline Viewing: Thunderbird can store all emails for offline management. Your replies will be saved and sent the next time you connect to the platform.
  • Customizable Spam Settings: Thunderbird lets you customize what goes into your spam folder. Every time you mark an email as spam, Its smart filters learn to adapt to you.

Quick Solution to Migrate Rackspace to Thunderbird Profile

In order to directly migrate Rackspace email to Thunderbird account, Yota Rackspace Email Backup Tool is the best choice. It helps you to transfer emails and their attachments from Rackspace webmail. The software has a friendly interface which makes it accessible to a normal computer user.

The tool does not force you to transfer all unrequired emails, you can search for a specific keyword and migrate only selective emails. This saves you a lot of time and effort. Moreover, it does not need the help of any external programs or utilities to perform the migration.

Along with Thunderbird, it is able to migrate Rackspace email to Office 365, Rackspace to Gmail, and other email services. Plus, you can download and export Rackspace email to PST, and other popular file types on your PC or laptop.

The software offers many useful features that make it the best tool to migrate Rackspace to Thunderbird profile. It is a Windows-based tool that can be installed on Windows 11, 10, 8, and 7 on both 32-bit and 64-bit computers.

Steps to Migrate Rackspace Email to Thunderbird Directly are;

Step 1. Run the software and click Open > Email Accounts > Add Account.

rackspace backup tool

Step 2. Then enter the login id and password of Rackspace webmail.

enter credentials

Step 3. Now, click on Export and select Thunderbird from the saving list.

migrate rackspace to thunderbird

Step 4. Finally, choose the Thunderbird profile and click Save.

migrate rackspace email to thunderbird

That’s it!

This is how you can directly migrate Rackspace to Mozilla Thunderbird account in just a few minutes.

Manual Method for Rackspace to Thunderbird Migration

Step 1. Open Thunderbird and In the Set Up Existing Email Addresses window, enter the following information before clicking Configure Manually.

  • Your name
  • Email
  • Password

Step 2. After clicking Configure, manually fill in the following fields before selecting Finish:

  • Username: XYZ
  • Protocol: IMAP
  • Incoming mail server: secure.emailsrvr.com
  • Incoming port: 993
  • Outgoing Server: secure.emailsrvr.com
  • Outgoing port: 465 or 587
  • Authentication: normal password

Step 3. You have now set up Thunderbird to work with your mailbox.


This is the manual way to migrate Rackspace to Thunderbird profile. However, it is quite complex and difficult to execute for non-technical users. Also, it takes a long time to complete the configuration.

Overall, it is all up to you. Choose any of the methods that suit you best to fulfill your needs.

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The Final Words

Thunderbird is a secure, easy-to-use, and free email client that offers a lot of great features. This is why many users want to switch from Rackspace webmail after a Ramsware attack. Here you have learned the two methods to migrate Rackspace emails to Thunderbird account. The manual approach requires technical knowledge and one wrong step can lose your data. However, the automated method will help you to directly migrate Rackspace to Thunderbird profile in a few simple steps.