How to Convert Rackspace Emails to HTML Format?

Introduction: Saving emails from Rackspace to HTML file format make email accessible for users to any web browser. However, users do not how to perform this conversion. Therefore, here we will introduce the direct and secure solution which is known as Yota Rackspace Email Backup Tool to convert Rackspace emails to HTML file format. So let’s start.

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Overview of Rackspace Webmail

Rackspace Webmail is an email hosting service provided by Rackspace. Users can access their email accounts through web browsers like Google Chrome without the need for additional email client software. It offers features such as mail, calendar, contacts, task management, and supports IMAP and POP mail protocols. Rackspace Webmail also offers an easy-to-use interface with customizable themes and multiple organizational tools.

Benefits of HTML File Format

There are multiple benefits of using HTML format such as:

  • HTML files can be viewed on any device with a browser such as Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, etc., making it a platform-independent file format. This is the main reason why a user needs to convert Rackspace emails to HTML format.
  • HTML is a markup language that uses simple tags to organize content. It can be created and edited with a simple text editor, so it is accessible to ordinary computer users.
  • With this, you can create dynamic web pages by creating interactive elements such as links and forms.
  • It provides a clear structure to your web pages so search engines can easily index and rank your content.
  • HTML is an open standard that is widely supported by the web development community, making it a reliable and well-supported file format.
  • It integrates well with other web technologies such as CSS and JavaScript, allowing you to create complex and dynamic websites.

Best Approach to Convert Rackspace Emails to HTML

Yota offers the best and most easy-to-use Email Backup Wizard for all Windows platforms. It let you export emails from Rackspace to HTML file format along with attachments. The software directly transfers all emails from Rackspace webmail to web format. It also enables you to export Rackspace email to PST without Outlook, Rackspace to MBOX format, Rackspace to PDF documents, Rackspace to EML, and Rackspace to CSV format.

This makes it possible to convert multiple Rackspace emails at the same time. Plus, the tool gives you the freedom to export any size and number of emails from your Rackspace account. There are no limitations that make this the best and most powerful tool from others.

The software will prompt you for your Rackspace webmail credentials and will add all of your account details. Then you can select folders from which you want to export emails in HTML format. But what about the information disclosed by my account? Don’t worry, this is the safest software that won’t save or lose any information during the conversion.

The best thing about this tool is the user-friendly interface that makes it useable to any beginner without any technical expertise. To convert Rackspace emails to HTML format, first, you need to download the software on your laptop or computer. After that follow the steps listed below.

Steps to Export Emails from Rackspace to HTML are as follows;

Step 1. Launch the software and click on Open from the top.

rackspace backup tool

Step 2. Then click on Email Accounts and select Add Account option.

add rackspace webmail

Step 3. Put the credentials of your Rackspace account to proceed.

enter rackspace account credentials

Step 4. Now, select the folder and click Export then choose HTML format.

Step 5. Finally, pick a folder for storing HTML files and click Save.

That’s it!

Why Choose Rackspace Email Archive Tool?

Due to the many great and unique features, the tool lets a user accomplish this task as per the requirements. Some of the most important features are:

Support Multiple Services

This tool supports 200 plus email services for email conversion. One can migrate Rackspace email to Office 365Rackspace to Thunderbird account, Rackspace to AWS webmail, Rackspace to Gmail or Google Workspace,  Rackspace to IMAP, and others.

No Information Leak

The software is 100% safe and does not store any information about your account during the conversion. You can trust this tool blindly and get accurate results within a few seconds.

No Technical Expertise Required

One of the best parts of this wizard is that it has a simple graphical user interface. With it, any new user can smoothly convert Rackspace emails to HTML without any technical knowledge.

Export All or Selected Folders

It provides an advanced option to export emails from all as well as selected folders only. Once the Rackspace webmail data has been added to the software panel, you can select folders to transfer emails from. Also, you can apply filters to emails to convert only necessary emails.

Demo to Download

You can export emails from Rackspace to HTML without any cost by downloading the free trial version. However, it allows you to convert only the first 10 emails from each folder. To export more emails, you need to purchase the license key.

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Final Words

We all know the uses and benefits of HTML format. Because of this, users need to convert Rackspace emails to HTML. However, no official method for this task. But don’t worry, here we have introduced an effective tool to help you export emails from Rackspace to HTML format.