How to Import EML to IMAP Account Directly

Upload EML Files to IMAP Without Any Limitations

Wanna know how to import EML to IMAP Server? Do you want to access your EML files into different email accounts? If yes, then you’re in the right place!

I know, it can be hard to migrate your communications accounts due to all the technical aspects involved, specifically if you’re not an expert yourself on this type of migration. But worry not! You will find everything you need here as we provide you with a step-by-step process to import EML files to IMAP account that every user regardless of their level of expertise will be able to follow. Download Yota EML Converter Wizard on your Windows PC.

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What is IMAP Server?

IMAP, which stands for Internet Message Access Protocol, is a protocol used by email clients to access mail from a remote server. IMAP differs from POP (Post Office Protocol) and Web-based email in that it downloads your email and stores it on the server. This means that you can access your emails from multiple devices at any time without having to download them again.

Qualified Solution to Import EML File to IMAP Account

Yota EML to IMAP Migrator is one of the best email migration tool that imports emails into an IMAP Server. The tool provides you with a simple way to import EML to IMAP server in bulk without data loss.

With this software, you can save your time and money as it allows for direct and accurate migration of data into IMAP servers. You can directly import EML to Gmail / G Suite, EML to Yahoo Mail account, EML to Office 365, Hotmail, and many more.

This program uses the most recent technology to efficiently move all your email items from .eml files to IMAP account. This utility has been designed in such a manner that it preserves email properties during the migration process.

Steps to Directly Import EML to IMAP Account are as follows:

Step 1. Download and install the Yota EML Conversion Tool on your system.

eml converter

Step 2. Click on Open>> Email Data Files>> EML Files. The tool has dual options to add the files into the panel, you can select Choose File or Choose Folder options.

add eml files or folders

Step 3. Now, you can preview the files and apply filter if required.

apply filter

Step 4. Then, go to the Export tab and select the IMAP option from the drop-down menu.

eml to imap

Step 5. Finally, enter the login credentials of your backup account and hit the Save button.

import eml to imap

This way you have successfully migrated your EML files into IMAP Server with ease. You can now access your data by clicking the Open folder button or by login into your account.

Beneficial Features of EML to IMAP Migration Tool

Batch Migration of EML files: The tool is a hassle-free application that is capable to import EML files to IMAP account in bulk mode. It allows you to import multiple EML files at once and save time. This application can be used by both individuals and enterprises for importing their emails into the new email platform.

Dual Options to Load Files: It provides a dual option of loading EML files or folders and it allows the user to choose the file they want to load. The migration tool also has a feature where it can automatically find all the messages and load them then import EML to IMAP server.

Extract Attachments and Contacts: This tool is great for anyone who wants to do a mass search of their emails and get the exact results they need. It also saves time on other tasks like it lets you extract attachments from EML and extract phone numbers from EML files.

Straightforward Panel: It is a robust software that comes with an easy-to-use interface that can easily be used by both technical and non-technical users. It also comes with an intuitive user interface and powerful features that make it suitable for all types of users, whether they are experts or not.

Maintains Folder Structure: The tool also maintains the folder hierarchy during the conversion process and is managed on a separate disk. Users will get all the folders in the inbox, sent mail, drafts folder, deleted mail, trash folder, and other folders that are available in the original EML format.


In this article, you can find the complete method to import EML to IMAP account without losing any single data. Yota migration wizard is one of the best ways to import EML files to IMAP Server. This tool is available on all the latest Windows editions without any issues. Users can also use this application to import EML file to Exchange server as well without encountering any kind of technical or non-technical errors. Thus, if you are searching for a reliable and secure solution then, install this EML to IMAP migration tool on your PC now!

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