How to Migrate Gmail to G Suite Account with Attachments?

Summary: Gmail to G Suite Migration is a topic of discussion among several users, as they want to migrate email from Gmail to another account without any data loss. It is because Google offers various features in G Suite that are not available in Gmail account. So, it is necessary to know the reasons behind moving from Gmail to G Suite account and the ways through which users can migrate Gmail account successfully. In this article, you will get the best approach to migrate Gmail to G Suite with step-by-step guidance. But first, you have to download Yota Gmail Migration tool on your Windows system.

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Why users want to Migrate Gmail to G Suite?

G Suite is a paid email service provided by Google. Unlike Gmail, it is intended for business use and includes several security features that make it more secure than the free consumer version of Gmail.

G Suite is a set of products from Google that includes Gmail, Docs, Sheets, and Slides. The main benefit of G Suite over Gmail is that it includes more features and is more collaborative. With G Suite, you can create and edit documents with others in real-time, share files easily, and manage your email more effectively.

If you want to migrate your existing Gmail account into G Suite so that your emails can be accessed on mobile devices as well as in the web browser; then this guide will show how you can easily migrate data from Gmail to G Suite account in just a few easy steps!

User Query: Hello, I was working in a small organization where I was using Gmail email client for all work related emails. But now, I have shifted to a new company where they are using G Suite. So, now I have to move Gmail account to G Suite as it has much more important data. Can I know the hassle-free solution that can help me to migrate Gmail to G Suite with attachments?

Gmail to G Suite Migration tool – The Professional Approach

Migrate your email from Gmail to Google Workspace in minutes with our easy-to-use tool. This Email Migration Tool provides a 100% secure platform and a cache-free environment that never stores your personal information. Yota Gmail to G Suite Migrator shows all the email folders in the interface – making it easy to migrate selective items from Gmail to G Suite account.

It is a user-friendly software that facilitates the options to migrate Gmail to G Suite in bulk. The software does not require any technical expertise to execute the transfer task. The application is equipped with advanced functionalities that make the migration process simpler and quicker. With the help of this tool, a user can migrate Gmail to Office 365 account, Gmail to Zoho Mail with attachments, Gmail to Exchange Server, etc. without any hassle. The following guide describes the process of exporting Gmail emails to G Suite account.

Steps to Transfer Gmail emails to G Suite account are as follows:

Step 1. Launch Yota Gmail to G Suite Migration tool on your Windows OS. Click on Open>> Email Accounts>> Add Account.

Step 2. Now, enter Gmail login credentials into the panel and click on Add button.

Step 3. Next, add the required emails into the software panel. You can preview the files and also apply filter options.

Step 4. Then, go to Export tab and select IMAP from the given list of options.

Step 5. Lastly, enter the account credentials of G Suite and hit the Save button to migrate Gmail to G Suite.

Prominent Features of Gmail to G Suite Migration tool

Fully Secured Tool: Gmail to G Suite Migration tool is a powerful and effective solution that makes it easy for users to import Gmail to G Suite with all files and folders. The tool comes with advanced options and ensures that email data is never stored on the tool’s servers. Additionally, the tool is 100% secure and reliable, making it the perfect choice for businesses in need of a safe and secure way to migrate Gmail to G Suite account.

Export Gmail to Other Platforms: Migrate from Gmail to different cloud servers with our easy-to-use migration tool. The software allows you to transfer your emails from Gmail to over 200+ webmail services, like you can import Gmail to Hotmail, Gmail to Roundcube, Gmail to iCloud and more! Easy setup and fast migration means that you can get your new cloud-based email system up and running in no time.

Maintain Folder Structure: The Gmail to G Suite Migration tool is a handy application that helps to maintain the hierarchical structure of Gmail folders during the conversion process. This ensures that users will not be confused after migrating bulk emails from Gmail mailbox, and can easily access their old emails in the new account.


By following the above steps, you can easily import Gmail emails to G Suite account. The manual process is a bit lengthy and complex. But, if you use the above suggested tool, you can migrate Gmail to G Suite along with attachments. You can also use this tool as Gmail Backup Wizard to download emails to local PC. However, if you have any doubts regarding the same then you can contact the support team. They are ready to assist you 24*7 and help you to get the conversion done.

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