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Simplify your Google account migration today and see the benefits of a streamlined cloud-based system. Our platform makes it easy to migrate your emails and other items from multiple accounts.

  • Automated migration of all Gmail mailbox items
  • Option to transfer single or multiple files in single attempt
  • Allows to migrate emails from one Gmail account to other
  • Provides multiple Email Filters for selective migrations
  • Maintains folder structure of the files during mail migration
  • Advanced Search options to filter the required email files
  • Smart Gmail Migrator for unlimited migration of emails
  • Free Demo of the tool to evaluate the tool before buying
*Download Yota Gmail Migration tool for free to export all your mailbox data.

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Why Choose Yota Gmail Migration Tool?

The tool provides an easy, reliable, and automated migration experience for your organization. Our service is designed to help you migrate Gmail emails to other account, with near-zero downtime. The intuitive interface makes it easy to understand what's happening at every step of the migration, so you can feel confident in the outcome. You can easily migrate Gmail to Outlook, Thunderbird, Yahoo, Office 365, Hotmail, Exchange Server, etc. The tool has been built with advanced algorithms that ensure the data integrity and structure of folders are maintained during and after the migration procedure.

24/7 Customer Support

Gmail Migrator is the perfect solution for transferring your old Gmail account to a new one. It's easy to use, and our support team is available 24/7 to help you with any problems you may have. You can reach us via email or chat support.

0% Data Loss

It is efficient, risk-free, and easy to use. It provides complete guidance to users during the email transfer process, and ensures that all information is transferred without any loss or corruption. The tool doesn't contain any ad or viruses.

Integrated with AI

Yota Gmail Migrator is the latest innovation in email migration. It uses artificial intelligence to automate highly complex email migration tasks, eliminating the error and aprovides you the most satisfactory results.

Prime Features of the Best Gmail Email Migration tool

Let's look at some highlighted features of this Gmail transfer software

yota gmail migrator

Bulk Gmail Migration

The software is easy to use and can be signed in with the desired login credentials. After signing in, the Google Migration tool will allow you to transfer all Gmail mailbox data to the new account within minutes. You can also choose to migrate your emails, and other settings in bulk. So, start moving your data today and switch to a new email account that will give you more space and improved productivity.

best gmail migration tool

Gmail to Exchange Server Migration

This handy tool allows users to quickly migrate Gmail file to Exchange Server account, ensuring a smooth and efficient transfer process. With its user-friendly interface and intuitive migration process, there is little room for error when using Gmail Migrator for Windows.

yota email migrator

Advance Filters for Specific Migration

Our software provides advanced filters to export Gmail emails, making the migration process easier than ever. You can easily filter specific data items and exclude unwanted items from Gmail emails to migrate them into other accounts with utmost precision.

best email migrator for windows

Migrate Gmail Archives

This Gmail Migration tool helps you easily export archived items from Gmail to Dropbox, Google Drive, Rackspace, Office 365, etc. This ensures that all your archived items are safely migrated and can be accessed from anywhere. In addition to it, our software also migrate attachments and email addresses from the emails which makes it a great choice for users who want to keep their data intact.

best gmail migration software

Maintains Email Formatting and Structure

The software is efficient and retains the formatting of the HTML files, inline images, and SMTP headers while the migration process is in progress. The tool retains the original structure of meta data of an email such as From, Date, Subject, To, Cc, Bcc, and etc. This advanced software makes sure that there are no alterations in the internal hierarchy of emails.

gemail migrator for windows

Export Single or Multiple Files

Gmail Migrator has a wide range of features that make the whole migration process of data faster and safer. The tool allows the user to migrate single and multiple files from Gmail account depending on their requirements. The user can select the desired file they wish to migrate and start the process of Google account migration.

Additional Key Features of Yota Gmail Migration tool

Import Gmail to Cloud

With this Gmail Export tool, you can directly migrate Gmail emails to your decided cloud-based service. The tool allows you to enter your login details and you can import Gmail to Yahoo mail , Gmail to G Suite, Office 365, Roundcube, iCloud, Hotmail, and Amazon WorkMail, making the migration process straightforward.

Export Complete Mailbox

With Yota Gmail Migrator, you can move all Gmail account data including emails, contacts, attachments, tasks, and calendars to your new account easily and affortlessly. The software is capable to migrate Gmail to useful file formats within just few clicks of mouse. It offers wide range of options so that users can choose any of them.

Advanced Email Filters

The software comes with advance filter options to convert selective emails from Gmail account. It offers facility to choose emails by Date Range, From, To or Subject so that users can easily convert specific email messages. You can also filter the email having or without having attachments and makes the email migration process simple.

Select Destination Path for Output

Yota Gmail Migrator is very unique tool that helps you migrate emails from Gmail to Webmail servers easily. The tool automatically chooses desktop as default destination path. But users can easily choose another destination folder as per their requirement. It is also capable to store output data by connecting an external storage device

How Does this Gmail Migration tool Works?

Steps to transfer Google emails to another account are as follows:

Additional Features of Gmail Migration Software

preview option

Various Preview Options

It is an efficient tool that allow users to take a free preview of the data in their Gmail emails, including emails, attachments, customized folders, sent items, and draft items. With this feature, users can double-check the items they have selected for migration and make sure they are selecting the correct file.

Available View Options are...
  • Content View
  • Properties View
  • Message Header
  • Hex View
  • Raw Message
extract attachment

Extract Attachments

This comprehensive tool helps you extract attachments from a Gmail mailbox in one go. You can choose to extract all the attachments as it is, or export them in different formats. This tool makes it easy and hassle-free to download attachments from your Google account.

extract phone numbers

Extract Contact Numbers

The Gmail migration tool is the perfect solution for anyone looking to extract phone numbers from email files. With its high accuracy rate, the tool can extract thousands of mobile numbers without any problems.

extract email address

Extract Email Addresses

With our software, you can export email addresses from large or unlimited mailboxes in just minutes, saving you hours of time and effort. For the users who want to extract multiple emails addresses from Gmail in one go, it is the perfect solution.

extract photos

Associated Email and Phone Numbers

This software will be able to export a list of phone numbers with associated emails in no time. With our user-friendly interface, you'll be able to complete your migration quickly and easily - even if you're not tech savvy!

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Common Questions Asked by User

How to migrate emails from one Gmail account to other?

Steps to migrate Gmail to Gmail are as follows:

  • Step 1. Download and install Yota Gmail Migration Tool in your system.
  • Step 2. Go to Open and select Email Accounts. Choose Add Account option
  • Step 3. Enter login credentials of Gmail and preview the data.
  • Step 4. Click on Export and select Gmail as saving option.
  • Step 5. Enter the login details of other Gmail account and click on Save.

This is how you can easily migrate gmail to another Gmail without any hassle.

Can the tool preserve the folder hierarchy even after complete migration?
Yes, this Gmail Migrator Wizard is capable to maintain the folder structure and hierarchy of the folder during and after the migration of emails.
Is this tool useful in migrating attachments along with the Gmail emails to desired account?
Yes, the application export attachments along with the emails while transferring data from one account to other.
Is this email migration software compatible with Windows 11?

Yes, this Gmail Migration software is compatible with all the latest and previous version of Windows including Windows 11, 10, 8, etc.

Does this software help me to migrate emails from Gmail to Hotmail account?
Yes, you can do that using this Gmail Import tool to export emails from Google account to Hotmail or account without installing any other utility.