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How to Add Gmail Account to Thunderbird with Emails and Attachments?

Import Gmail to Thunderbird Profile Directly

Summary: Do want to import Gmail to Thunderbird profile? Well, Moving your emails to another platform can be a tedious task, but it’s an important step in organizing your accounts. If you’re using Gmail and want to move your account over to Thunderbird, we’ll show you how to add Gmail account to Thunderbird with all emails and attachments. Download Yota Gmail Backup Wizard now and import multiple Gmail emails to the desired profile.

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You might be looking for email migration from Gmail to Thunderbird. But what is the need for this action? Let’s take an overview of Thunderbird

What is Thunderbird?

Thunderbird is an open-source project, developed by Mozilla Foundation. It was developed in 2003 and since then has been considered one of the best email client for Windows operating systems. Thunderbird gives you more control over your own data, making it independent from any third-party service provider.

The fact is that if you are using Thunderbird to manage your emails, it doesn’t come with an option to import Gmail. But don’t worry! Here is a simple tip for you that will help you import your Gmail account to Thunderbird. If you want to make this process even easier then check the below-suggested solution.

Import Gmail to Thunderbird with the Best Automated Tool

Yota Gmail Migrator is an ultimate solution that allows you to export all Gmail emails to Thunderbird account. The automation of the process makes it very convenient to accomplish this task as there is not much you need to do to add Gmail account to Thunderbird profile directly.

The reasons why Yota Converter is considered better are: It supports all versions of Thunderbird including the latest versions. The software helps to archive Gmail emails to hard drive or PC in multiple formats. It can convert IMAP-based email accounts into Thunderbird with complete accuracy. It has an advanced set of features that allows you to export multiple Gmail emails and attachments into one single process. You can also extract all attachments from Gmail account with the help of this wizard.

Along with this, it is helpful for exporting emails from multiple Google accounts with no file size limitations. It is also operable on all Windows OS versions which include the latest Windows 11. In order to import Gmail to Thunderbird profile, quickly download the tool and follow the below instructions.

Steps to Add Gmail Account to Thunderbird Profile are as follows: 

Step 1. Install Yota Gmail Migration tool in your Windows system. 

gmail to thunderbird migration

Step 2. Go to Open and select Email Accounts>> Add Account. Enter the login details of Gmail account.

add google account

Step 3. Add the files and folders from Gmail mailbox. You can apply filter also by clicking search icon.

search specific data

Step 4.  Click on the Export option and select Thunderbird from the list

add gmail account to thunderbird

Step 5. Choose the required Thunderbird Profile. Finally, click on the Save button.

import gmail to thunderbird

Features and Benefits of Gmail to Thunderbird Migration Tool

The wizard has been developed by a team of experts with years of experience in the field of data recovery, who wanted to find a solution for migrating email accounts from one email client or device to another.  With this, you can also extract all email addresses from Gmail account at once.

The Gmail to Thunderbird migration tool enables users to add Gmail account to Thunderbird profile. Also, you can migrate from Gmail to Zoho Mail account, Gmail to Hotmail or from one account of Gmail to another account. It is a fully automatic software you need to enter Gmail account credentials for transferring emails.

This free tool offers a few features that make the migration process easier. It can import Gmail to Thunderbird from multiple Gmail folders, which is useful when trying to convert a large number of messages in a single sitting. The software is designed to migrate emails from several Gmail files and save valuable time and effort.

Also, it supports 5+ file formats by which you can export Gmail emails to PST file, Gmail to MBOX, and print emails from Gmail to PDF format.

It supports password-protected files for the migration process. Moreover, it is also compatible with all Windows versions. With the help of this exceptional tool, you can export your entire Gmail mailbox into Thunderbird profiles without any hassle. If you are using the latest Windows 11 OS, then download this tool for Windows to add Gmail account to Thunderbird including attachments.

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The Gmail to Thunderbird migration is not a time-consuming process. You can do it within 10 minutes with the help of the tool. So, you should choose the right tool for migrating your emails from Google mail to Mozilla Thunderbird. That will save your time and effort. Yota Gmail to Thunderbird Migrator is a great tool for those who want to add Gmail account to Thunderbird with all emails and attachments. Its features and efficiency make it the best option available in the market.

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