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How to Migrate Gmail to Rediffmail with Attachments?

Summary: Are you thinking to change your email service provider from Gmail to Rediffmail? Well, it’s a good decision as Rediffmail provides more features than Gmail. But the migration process from Gmail to Rediffmail is not an easy task. So, in this article, we will show you the step-by-step guide to migrate Gmail to Rediffmail with all your attachments using Yota Gmail Migration tool to get the accurate results. You can easily install this application on your Windows PC with few clicks only.

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What is Rediffmail?

Rediffmail is an email service provided by the Indian company It is one of the most popular email services and offers a number of features, including POP3 and IMAP access, virus and spam protection, etc. Rediffmail has been equipped with user-friendly interface, support for multiple languages, and a wide range of storage options.

Reasons to Migrate Gmail to Rediffmail

Rediffmail is an Email Marketing Solution that helps business organizations to better manage their email campaigns. It offers features like Campaign Management, Email Tracking, and Automated Email Scripting that make it an ideal tool for managing your email marketing efforts.

The real advantage of using Rediffmail is that it offers an email marketing platform that can help your business organization send bulk emails, track the open rates, and measure the click-through rates of your emails.

There are many reasons why users might want to migrate Gmail to Rediffmail account. Perhaps they are dissatisfied with Gmail’s interface or features, or they may simply prefer the look and feel of Rediffmail. Whatever the reason, migrating your emails from one account to another can be a bit of a hassle. But not now as in this guide we will be giving you 100% working process to import Gmail to Rediffmail account.

An Expert Approach : Best Gmail to Rediffmail Migration tool

Availability of a good email migration tool is always a cause of concern for users. They are looking for one that can offer them reliability and efficiency. Among the various tools that are available in the market, Yota Gmail to Rediffmail Migrator happens to be a prominent one. It is because this application provides an easy option to users to migrate all emails from Gmail to Rediffmail account without requiring any advanced technical knowledge.

The trial version of the utility will only allow users to export first 10 emails from each folder of the Gmail mailbox to Rediffmail Webmail account completely free of cost. If you want to migrate emails from Gmail to Webmail account then it becomes necessary to activate the software by purchasing the license key. You just need to install the software on your computer and follow the simple instructions.

Steps to Import Gmail emails to Rediffmail Webmail are as follows:

Step 1. Install the software on your computer to migrate Gmail to Rediffmail. Click on Open>> Email Account>> Add Accounts.

Step 2. Next, specify the login details of your Gmail account and click on Add button.

Step 3. Add the required files into the panel and Preview them. Apply filters also for selective migrations.

Step 4.  Now, go to Export option and choose IMAP option from the given list.

Step 5. Finally, enter the login credentials of Rediffmail account and hit the Save button to import emails from Gmail to Rediffmail.

Some Amazing Features of Gmail to Rediffmail Migration Tool

Secure and Independent Tool: With a 100% secure user interface, and no need to store your login credentials, this tool guarantees a smooth, easy migration process. Additionally, it is an independent solution, meaning you don’t need any additional software to migrate Gmail to Rediffmail with attachments.

Direct Option: The tool provides users with a direct option to upload Gmail mailbox data to Rediffmail account. This Gmail backup software is designed to be user-friendly with a fully automated process that requires only login credentials. With this tool, you can easily backup your email, contacts, and calendar entries into different email clients and local PC.

Support Different Webmail Servers: Migrate your Gmail account data to another mail client effortlessly with Yota Gmail to Rediffmail Migration tool. The software is compatible with over 200 cloud services and can easily be used to migrate Gmail to Office 365, Gmail to Exchange Server, Gmail to G Suite, Gmail to Hotmail, Gmail to Yahoo and so on.

Freedom to Choose Location: This Gmail to Rediffmail Migration too makes it simple and convenient to convert Gmail emails to PST, EML, MBOX and other formats. You can then save them into your desired location, including a new folder. The default save location is the desktop, but you can easily choose a different destination to save the converted data.


Migrating Emails from one email client to another is often a troublesome task. It requires time, patience and technical expertise. However, with the help of a professional tool, users can easily migrate Gmail to Rediffmail account without any hassles. This Gmail to Rediffmail Import Wizard is designed with expert option that makes migration a breeze.

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We hope that our guide has helped you understand how to migrate Gmail account to Rediffmail with ease, and that you’ll be able to enjoy all the benefits that Rediffmail has to offer.