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How to Migrate ProtonMail to Gmail Account?

Introduction: Migrating data from one email service to another can be a complex process, and migrating ProtonMail to Gmail is no exception. One way to migrate the data is to use an email migration tool that can transfer the messages, contacts, and other data from Proton Mail to Gmail. Download Yota Email Migrator Wizard to migrate ProtonMail to Gmail mailbox. This tool provides options for configuring the migration, such as setting the destination folder in Gmail, and can handle the transfer of large amounts of data.

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User Query: Hi, How can I move my ProtonMail emails to Gmail? I am experiencing difficulties accessing ProtonMail and I need to have all the data in Gmail so that I can check my emails from any location at any time. Can you provide a solution that works for this?

To solve the above query we would like to have a look at detailed solution. We assure you that you will get the best solution to migrate emails from ProtonMail to Gmail account in the most effective way possible.

Advanced Solution to Migrate ProtonMail to Gmail Account

You can try the best Email Migration software from Yota. It is one of the most secures and easiest approach to import Proton Mail to Gmail mailbox with all items. The Batch Mode feature allows you to convert multiple ProtonMail files at the same time, saving you valuable time and effort. The batch mode feature allows you to convert multiple ProtonMail mailboxes at the same time, saving you valuable time and effort.

It can also help you directly import Proton Mail to Gmail and Office 365, Yahoo, Yandex and other webmail services. Also, the dual mode feature gives you the flexibility to load and export ProtonMail files to Gmail as per your specific requirements. This allows you to select only the files and folders that you need, rather than converting everything in your mailbox.

A free demo of the tool is also available, which allows you to test its features and functionality before committing to a purchase. This is a great way to evaluate the tool and make sure that it meets your specific needs and requirements.

Steps to Transfer Emails from Proton Mail to Gmail Account are as follows:

Step 1. Install and run the Proton Mail Migration tool on your computer.

Step 2. Click on the Open drop-down menu and select Email Accounts.

import protonmail to gmail

Step 3. Then enter the login credentials of Proton Mail account. Select the specific email folder you want to export.

import protonmail to gmail

Step 4. Click on the Export button and select Gmail as the saving option to migrate ProtonMail to Gmail.

import protonmail to gmail

Step 5. Enter your Gmail account login details and click the Save button to complete the process.

import protonmail to gmail

The conversion is now complete and your emails will be found in your Gmail account.

Some Prime Features of ProtonMail to Gmail Migration Tool

Completely Standalone Tool: This means that the tool does not rely on any external software or services, and can be run independently on a user’s device. You don’t have to worry about installing so many software in your system to migrate ProtonMail emails to Gmail account. The tool only requires the user to provide the login credentials for their Gmail account, and does not require any additional information or access to other accounts.

Easy to Use: The tool to migrate ProtonMail to Gmail has been designed in a way that is simple and intuitive for users to understand and use. The interface is organized in a way that makes it easy for users to find the features and options they need, without requiring any technical knowledge or expertise. The interface has been designed to be clear and straightforward with clear labels and buttons.

Preserve Folder Hierarchy: The tool allows the user to import ProtonMail emails to Gmail account, preserving the original folder structure of their ProtonMail account means that the tool will take the emails from the ProtonMail account and move them to the corresponding folders in the Gmail account.

Advanced Filter Settings: The tool provides options for users to select specific emails or groups of emails to migrate, rather than migrating all emails in the ProtonMail account.

Retains Original Metadata: The tool can preserve the metadata or properties associated with the emails in the ProtonMail account, such as sender information, timestamps, and attachments during the migration process.

High Compatibility: The tool is compatible with a wide range of operating systems, including the latest versions of Windows OS, making it accessible to a wide range of users. This toolkit is fully compatible with all latest Microsoft Windows OS editions i.e., Win 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7, XP, Vista, etc.


In the end, we can say that exporting ProtonMail emails to Gmail or Google Workspace account is cumbersome job. However, if you have followed the steps given above then you can easily migrate ProtonMail to Gmail account within no time.

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The suggested tool I have shared also makes it easy for users to transfer their ProtonMail email data without any hassle. The tool also supports exporting individual emails or entire mailbox. No doubt, it’s a life-saver when you want to switch over your email provider! So, download it now and start converting your files!