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How to Export Horde Email to Outlook? 100% Satisfied Solution

Overview: If you are wondering how to export Horde email to Outlook application, then this is the right blog for you. Actually, transferring emails from one mail account to another is very challenging, especially, if you don’t know about tips and technical concepts behind it. However, in this blog, we will tell you about the quickest and easiest solution to transfer emails from Horde to Outlook 2021, 2019, and other below versions.

Horde webmail works online and lets its users to log in their accounts on any system and operating system. On the other side, Outlook is a desktop-based email client which is used by millions of users worldwide.

Do you know how you can export Horde email to Outlook?

You can manually export Horde webmail to Outlook by downloading emails in MBOX file format. Then you need to export the downloaded MBOX file to the PST format which is supported by Outlook. However, this process takes long hours to complete this task. To smoothly export Horder email to Outlook, you can use the automated tools.

One such tool is the Yota Email Migration Tool which helps you seamlessly transfer emails from Horde to Outlook in a few easy steps. So, without wasting any time, let’s get started with the process. But before that, we will explore the reasons for this migration.

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Why Transfer Emails from Horde to Outlook?

  • Enhanced Features: Outlook offers various advanced features like an intuitive interface, integrated calendar and scheduling, robust email filters, and other customizable options that are not available in Horde webmail.
  • Collaboration and Integration: It is widely used in professional and business operations because it is very easy to collaborate and communicate with colleagues, clients, and partners using its collab tools. Outlook integrates with other applications, such as Microsoft Office Suite, SharePoint, etc.
  • Integration with third-party applications: Outlook also integrates with other applications and services apart from Microsoft, including OneDrive, Dropbox, Trello, and more. This can make your workflow seamless.
  • Better Security Features: It has robust built-in spam filtering capabilities, which can help reduce the amount of unwanted emails reaching your inbox. Additionally, Outlook’s security features, such as encryption options and advanced threat protection, offer enhanced protection against phishing attacks and other security threats.
User Query: I am working as a manager in an organization and have been using Horde Mail for all my email communications. But now I want to export Horde webmail to Outlook email client due to its limited features and compatibility issues. My main concern is my email attachments and I want to move along with my emails. I cannot afford to lose them at any cost. Can you please provide me with a reliable solution to export Horde Mail to Outlook with attachments? Any useful suggestion would be valuable to me. Thanks!

How to Export Horde Email to Outlook?

  1. Download and Install the Yota IMAP Migration Tool.
  2. Click Open and select Email Accounts>> Add Account option.
  3. Next, enter the Horde account login details and preview the files.
  4. Then, click on Export and select PST file format.
  5. Hit the Save button to start exporting Horde emails to Outlook PST.

This is how you can easily export Horde Webmail to Outlook email client.

Best Tool to Export Emails from Horde Mail to Outlook Application

Yota Horde Backup Wizard is an amazing tool that lets users effortlessly export Horde email to Outlook PST file. With its user-friendly interface, it can be utilized by all types of users whether they are professional or not. All you need to provide the login details of your Horde webmail. It provides a seamless process for the users to export Horde Mail to Outlook in bulk. You can also easily download attachments from Horde email using this utility.

Plus you will get a wide range of filter options that allow users to export specific emails from the account based on different criteria. Using this option, the user can move only the required mailbox items with accuracy. This tool supports 200+ email servers that users can choose to save their emails. You can import Horde emails to Office 365, Gmail, Hotmail, Yandex Mail, Thunderbird, etc. Also, you can save Horde email backup to your local PC by converting it into different formats. You can convert Horde to PST, Horde to PDF, Horde to EML, Horde to MBOX, and other formats.

Detailed Steps to Transfer Emails from Horde to Outlook

  • Launch the Yota Migration Tool on your Windows PC.
  • Click on Open and choose Email Accounts>> Add Account option. email migration tool
  • Now you have to enter Horde webmail email ID and Password. enter credentials
  • You can preview the files with attachments. Next, go to the Export tab and select PST.export horde email to outlook
  • Enter the location to save output and hit the Save button to export Horde email to Outlook.export emails from horde to outlook

You have successfully converted the files, you can easily import your PST file into the Outlook account. Follow the below guide:

In case the Outlook Import Export Greyed Out issue appears, then you can check your Outlook version and upgrade to the latest version.


This article is a helpful guide for those who are looking to export Horde email to Outlook. If are someone who has a large number of emails to transfer, the above-suggested method is the best solution. Yota IMAP to PST Converter Wizard is an effortless tool to transfer emails from Horde to Outlook and other email clients.

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Download the free demo version of this email backup tool to test the capabilities of the software. You don’t have to pay to download the trial version. Follow the simple steps to export Horde Mail to Outlook 2021, 2019, 2016, etc. The trial edition allows you to export a few emails per folder and then you can go for the upgraded version any time you want.