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How to Transfer Emails from Telnet to Gmail With Attachments?

Want to know how to transfer emails from Telnet to Gmail with attachments? If you are using Telnet as your email service but now want to switch to Google Mail to manage your emails then you are at the right blog. In this article, we will guide you through the entire process of transferring Telnet email to Gmail mailbox directly. Here, we will use the Yota Email Migration Tool which is a highly trusted software to import emails from Telnet to Google account in just a few simple clicks. So, if you are also interested in knowing the easiest way to migrate Telnet to Gmail, then keep reading this blog.

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Reasons to Migrate Telnet Emails to Gmail

  • Gmail offers a wide range of features that will help users to organize their emails more efficiently.
  • Also, it can be accessed from anywhere, on any device, and at any time. You can easily check your emails on your phone, tablet, or computer, without having to worry about compatibility issues.
  • It provides robust security features such as two-factor authentication, spam protection, and phishing detection, which can help you keep your emails and personal data safe.
User Query: I recently started using Gmail as my primary email service and I want to import my Telnet emails to my Gmail account. I have a lot of important emails stored in Telnet and I don’t want to lose them. Can anyone guide me on how to do this? Is there any easy way to transfer Telnet emails to Gmail account without losing any data?

Migrating emails from Telnet account to Gmail might be a challenging task, especially if you are not from a technical background. However, using the right tools and techniques, it becomes very easy to transfer emails from Telnet to Gmail or Google Takeout account without losing any data.

Instant Solution: Transfer Emails from Telnet to Gmail Mailbox

With the help of Email Backup Wizard, you can move your data from Telnet webmail to Gmail quickly and easily, without any data loss. The software has a very simple interface and it is designed by experts for all types of users. The tool makes the process straightforward. You don’t have to follow complex procedures to export Telnet to Gmail account. Within a fraction of a time, you can migrate an unlimited number of emails from one account to other email clients.

Apart from that, it takes only a few minutes to save backup of your emails in different formats. And the software does not save any of your personal or professional information. This means that your data remains secure throughout the process.

Know the Working of this Telnet to Gmail Migration Tool

Follow the below steps to migrate Telnet emails to Gmail account:

  1. Install and Run Yota IMAP to Gmail Migrator Tool on your Windows PC.
  2. Next, click on Open>> Email Accounts>> Add Account. Select the required option.
  3. Now, enter the login details of your Telnet account in order to configure it with the software.
  4. After that, you can preview the files along with attachments. Here, you can select the required files.
  5. Then, click on the Export tab and choose Gmail directly for the list of given options.
  6. Enter the Gmail login credentials and hit the Save button to transfer emails from telnet to Gmail.

This is how you can easily add Telnet emails to Gmail account with ease.

Advanced Features of the Tool

  • Completely Secured Tool: This IMAP Migration tool is an entirely secure and reliable solution to export emails. Many professionals like this tool because of its authenticity and its ability to protect confidential data. The program ensures that your account credentials will remain safe. It will not save any of your information in its interface or software database. You can fully trust this software to import Telnet to Gmail or G Suite accounts.
  • Keep Folder Structure Intact: If you are worried that you will lose data integrity while exporting your emails from one account to another, then don’t worry! This powerful software ensures that the folder hierarchy structure is maintained throughout the process. You will not face any difficulty while locating your emails into the new Gmail account as it keeps the original structure intact. Moreover, it does not alter the meta properties of emails and keeps the attribute exact.
  • Dual Mode Option: The utility facilitates the users with dual selection options. The first option is the “Open Configured Account” option, which can automatically detect the already configured account from your PC. But if you don’t have a configured account, you can simply enter the login credentials and manually configure it with the software interface.


In the above comprehensive guide, we have mentioned the step-by-step tutorial to transfer emails from Telnet to Gmail mailbox along with attachments.

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You can download the free demo of the email converter wizard and export 10 emails from your source location to your target destination. After that, you can go with the pro version of the tool. If still, you still face any difficulty while handling the tool, you can contact our support team at any time.